WWE Talking Smack report from 411: 03.26.22 – New Day gives update on Big E and more!

WWE Talking Smack report from 411: 03.26.22

-I don’t know if there will be a Talking Smack next week as it will be WrestleMania Saturday plus NXT Stand and Deliver. Keep an eye out for more WWE Evil recaps as I progress through the eight episodes. Let’s go!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and is joined as always by Matt Camp. Peter Rosenberg will join us shortly. Jackie jokes that she should call Brock, “Stalk Lesnar”. More headlines as King Woods returns and I’m curious what they do at Mania with Big E obviously out.

-We see footage of Ricochet vs. Angel that I used to see a lot at Main Event last year. Angel takes the surprise victory with help from Humberto, so Ricochet challenges him. Ricochet then suffers another countout loss thanks to Angel’s help.

-Kayla Braxton is backstage with Los Lotharios and we are informed that next Friday it will be Angel vs. Humberto vs. Ricochet for the IC title. Sucks, they couldn’t put the match on either main card night.

-Rosenberg is here and mentions that it’s a difficult and unique situation for Los Lotharios because only one can come out as champion. Ricochet may be able to use this to his advantage. He mentions that Ricochet just suffered two losses last night, which can’t be a good sign.

-Sasha/Naomi and New Day are yet to come.


-This Pittsburgh Monday is WrestleMania RAW. It sucks, I can’t be there, but I have work Tuesday morning. Nearest Pittsburgh will probably also get to WrestleMania unless we get WrestleMania Backlash although Heinz Field is fun but it’s snowing here today so they should take a chance with the weather.

-Back with the war of words between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. We all assumed it was closing night one, but apparently Austin is getting the honors now. Ronda points out that she’s made a career out of beating people up and that this game is just another day for her as it’s the biggest of Charlotte’s career. Camp mentions that Charlotte wants a tap-out but has to remember that a win is just as good.

-Next we see the Fatal 4 Way to build the Fatal 4 Way Woman’s Tag title match. Everyone gets involved and hits everyone, resulting in Sasha getting the win with The Banks Statement over Queen Zelina. Camp thinks this is a preview of what’s to come at Mania.

-Kayla is backstage with Sasha and Naomi. Speaking of Sasha, her episode of Evil will be the next one out of me later tonight or tomorrow morning. They come to steal the show and will make sure to meet again next week. Naomi is thrilled to be there with Sasha, a living legend.

-Camp brings up that Sasha has never won a match at WrestleMania and needs this moment. At some point she does, but I think they can build that up for a bigger game and pay out her first win better. Let it hang around a little longer to really build it up, either out of sympathy or desperation.

-Release Ronda/Charlotte WrestleMania! It’s a new one because it was mostly about Brock/Roman.

-Back with Brock destroying another of Roman’s SUVs. Security tries to pull Brock away, but he decimates them with a chair. Roman and the rest of Bloodline’s bail, so Brock continues to beat security geeks.

-Camp and Jackie are talking!

-Then they show King Woods making his triumphant return to SmackDown and he takes the win over Ridge Holland. Camp likes to talk about Woods’ little package.

-Kayla is backstage with King Woods and Kofi Kingston. Woods says Brooklyn is a second home for New Day because they make memories here. They comment on the updated crown of Woods loving the pimp. Woods says E is feeling fine and is recovering at home. Kofi appreciates all the fan love for E and it helps him a lot. They want to settle E’s score, and then it’s time to get to work.

-Rosenberg is back as he mentions that Woods is a busy guy with his gigs outside of WWE, but we missed him a lot. He predicts the upcoming WrestleMania season will be a big year for Woods. I saw he tweeted that his next goal was to be The IC Champ.

-Next topic is Brock/Reigns and Rosenberg plugs in his radio station because Roman was the guest this week. He knows Roman expected a better night, but Brock ruined it. The camp talks about how both are champions who have been here before and it’s all about the mental games with 8 days remaining. Jackie asks who has the most to gain from a win, and Rosenberg accompanies Roman Reigns. He mentions that this is the 6th Mania that Reigns has titled. Brock has already secured his legacy, so this match is more important to Roman than Brock. Camp agrees as Roman has to beat Roman at WrestleMania as he is 0-2 there before. He mentions if Brock can beat this Roman Reigns, all Mount Rushmore talk might have to start with Brock Lesnar. Rosenberg is blown away that in 2022, Brock Lesnar will be the most entertaining dude in the business because he brings joy every week. Jackie mentions that Brock is WWE’s favorite superstar here.

-Before concluding, they mention the big story of HHH announcing his retirement. Rosenberg calls HHH an all-time great and even feels he’s underrated. He was a constant for 25 years and then he gave us NXT. Camp echoes the same and explains how HHH takes care of this business 24/7. He congratulates him on his career in the ring and Jackie does the same.

-Jackie wraps things up because apparently there might be a Talking Smack next week. Guess I’ll have to find time for that before Mania. Thanks for reading!

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