Winter Storm Warning: Midwest Snow Forecast

Winter storm warning

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning Tuesday evening through noon Thursday. This dangerous winter storm is set to have extreme impacts on the region with heavy snowfall, sleet and freezing rain all affecting the area.

Additionally, strong winds can combine with the weight of snow and icy branches to bring down power lines and cause sporadic power outages. Travel will become very dangerous by Wednesday morning and could become nearly impossible during the heaviest snow Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.

How much snow are we expecting?

These are the probabilities of getting at least 4, 6, 8, and 12 inches of snow/ice from this upcoming system. These are impressive maps with an extended region of 6 inches of probable snow.

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A major winter storm was expected to affect a wide swath of the United States, with heavy snowfall starting in the Rockies and freezing rain as far south as Texas before dropping snow and ice over the Midwest. The forecast comes nearly a year after a catastrophic winter storm ripped through Texas’ power grid, killing hundreds.

The National Weather Service says 6 to 12 inches of snow is expected by Thursday morning in parts of the Rockies and the Midwest, while thick ice is likely from Texas to the Ohio Valley.

The chronology for the Saint-Louis region:

  • Tuesday: Rain develops, temperatures above freezing.
  • Tuesday evening: Rain until midnight with the arrival of colder air. Rain to freezing rain and ice pellets between midnight and 6 a.m. The times fall into the 20s.
  • Wednesday: sleet and snow in the morning then all the snow in the afternoon. Times hold in the upper 20s.
  • Wednesday evening: Snow. Times fall to the low 20s.
  • Thursday: Snow in the morning then fading in the afternoon. Time in the mid 20s.
  • Thursday evening: Pockets of snow showers and very cold.
  • Friday: Temperatures in the upper single digits.

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