Winter storm warning as a heavy snow forecast for New York, New Jersey

Sections of the east coast are set to be battered by a harsher winter, with heavy snow, ice and high winds expected from tonight to tomorrow morning.

A notice issued by the National Weather Service will remain in effect for much of the evening of Friday, January 7.

The agency wrote: “Heavy mixed precipitation. Additional snow accumulations of five to 10 inches and ice accumulations of a slight glacis. Wind gusts of up to 45 mph.”

This should make movement “very difficult, if not impossible”, as snowdrifts can reduce visibility, while strong gusts can knock branches off trees.

Tyler Roys, senior meteorologist and chief European forecaster at AccuWeather, confirmed News week the winter storm passed through several states before reaching the east coast.

He said: “As AccuWeather correctly predicted a few days in advance, a winter storm brought a three to six inch swath of snow from Tennessee and Kentucky across much of Maryland and southern Pennsylvania until 7 a.m.

“At present, heavy snow patches have left the New York area and central Connecticut as they continue to traverse eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts.

“There will be an area from central Long Island through south-central and northeast Connecticut to Boston that will likely see about a foot of snow later this afternoon.

In an aerial view, the north and south lanes of I-95 are empty as traffic moves along Warrenton Road as transport crews attempt to clear the highway of snow and ice on 4 January 2022 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. A winter storm with record snowfall swept through the mid-Atlantic states, stranding thousands of motorists overnight along 50 miles of I-95 in Virginia. Sections of the east coast poised to be battered by a harsher winter today
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

“The surrounding areas of southern New England generally saw three to six inches.”

This storm is then expected to blow over Nova Scotia later this afternoon and bring blizzard conditions as well as snowfall more than a foot deep.

Roys added that snowy conditions could hamper the morning drive “from Washington DC to Portland, Maine, particularly Trenton to Boston.”

He said: “It will get windy by this afternoon, which could lead to hissing and drifting, especially with people cleaning their vehicles, driveways and / or sidewalks.

“Any melt that does occur that is not dealt with by tonight will freeze causing patches of ice tonight until tomorrow morning.”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency on Wednesday in anticipation of winter weather leaving more than 100,000 people without power yesterday afternoon, just days after a powerful storm dumped more than a foot of snow in some areas causing huge problems for those traveling.

This resulted in hundreds of motorists being stranded on Interstate 95 as the mercury plummeted, leading Crystal Vanuch, chair of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, to describe the traffic jam as “possibly the most great disaster that we have ever seen “.

Similar extreme weather conditions prompted New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to declare a state of emergency for the Garden State on Thursday for the second time this week.

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