Wellington.Scoop » Snow forecast for East Wellington Hills and Remutaka Hill Road tonight

MetService is forecasting snow on the hills east of Wellington and flurries on Remutaka Hill Road late tonight through tomorrow afternoon.

MetService advises:

Flurries are expected to affect the Remutaka Hill route from Wednesday evening to Thursday afternoon, initially around the summit, but dropping to around 200 meters after midnight. 5 to 8 cm could be deposited near the summit, with 2 to 4 cm up to 200 meters.

There is a similar snow warning for the Wairarapa and the desert road.

For Wellington, MetService says snow is possible up to 200 meters tonight.

RNZ Report – October 4
Transpower says an explosion in Antarctica this week could set an October record for power demand, but it expects the lights to stay on. A forecast freezing front tomorrow will likely see people crank up their heaters, with snow down to low levels across the lower North Island, Canterbury, Otago and Southland tomorrow evening.

National grid operator Transpower said despite expecting a cold day, even by winter standards, there was enough supply to avoid power outages. Longer hours of sunshine and the fact that it is school holidays could help to mitigate the increase in demand. But there is uncertainty about the wind forecast which could affect the production of the turbines.

Transpower’s chief operating officer, Dr. Stephen Jays, said he will closely monitor weather reports, as well as the amount of electricity demand and supply. It will issue a notice to industry requesting additional production if necessary.

Transpower said it has made changes since being held responsible by the electricity watchdog for widespread blackouts on one of the coldest nights last year.

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