Warnings and advisories persist as spring snow continues to fall

Weather alerts cover all areas until Friday afternoon(CBS 3 DULUTH)


The continuing spring storm dropped another 2 to 7 inches of snow over Minnesota and Wisconsin on Thursday and may continue to snow, especially for UP through early Friday afternoon. Various winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings may indeed remain in effect until 1 p.m. Friday afternoon. Saturday should be a beautiful day with highs bringing sunshine and mild temperatures. But, a new westerly low will be here on Monday to bring another blow of rain and snow mixes.


The sky will be mostly cloudy and the chance that the mix of rain and snow will start is 60%. Another 1-3″ of snow may fall. The low temperature range will be 18-29 with the teens being in northern MN and the upper 20s being in NW WI. The wind will be N 15-30 mph.


Skies will be mostly cloudy and in MN the snow should end around 7:00 a.m. Snow can last until early afternoon for WI and UP High temperatures will be 30-38. Normal is around 45. Wind will be N 15-30 mph.

The low to the east may keep us snowy until early Friday afternoon, but the high just a hair...
The lower east may keep us snowy until early Friday afternoon, but the upper just a hair to the west should make for a sunny and balmy Saturday(CBS 3 DULUTH)


The day will turn mostly sunny after a brief visit to a high atmospheric pressure cell. Low will start at 22. High will end at 45. Wind will be NW 5-15 mph.


Sunday should be partly sunny with low 25 and high 45. Monday will be cloudy with 60% chance of rain with low 33 and high 48. Tuesday will be partly sunny with 70% chance of showers and low 30 then high of 45. Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with 80% chance of a rain/snow mix and a low of 32 followed by a high near 40. Next Thursday will be mostly cloudy with 60% chance of a another wave of mixed rain and snow with a low of 30 and a high of 40.

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