Warmer weather expected Wednesday after spring snow blankets the city


Toronto residents were greeted with a blanket of snow on the ground early Sunday after a low brought unexpected precipitation to the city.

Environment Canada says between two and five centimeters of snow fell in Toronto between 10 p.m. Saturday and 6 a.m. Sunday. Smaller amounts of snow were seen closer to Lake Ontario, while higher amounts, about five centimeters, were seen north of Highway 401.

But the winter weather, which has included freezing temperatures, is expected to be short-lived, said Kelly Hobelman, severe weather meteorologist for Environment Canada in Toronto. Weather close to the season for this time of year is expected on Wednesday.

“I would describe it as very typical for this time of year,” she said.

Toronto residents thought spring had arrived, but got a surprise on Sunday morning. The snow fell and the plants covered. (James Morrison-Collalto / CBC)

“We’re still at the very end of March. And it’s quite normal to see weather systems like this, where you also get significant amounts of rain and snow. It’s definitely not so. abnormal to see snow in March or even the first part of April. We shouldn’t be shocked. “

“Heavy” precipitation of up to 23 mm fell on the city

Hobelman said a low had moved over southern Ontario on Saturday, bringing up to 23 millimeters of rain, which she called large. The rain turned to snow overnight.

The rain prompted the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority to keep its “Watershed Statement of Conditions: Water Safety” message in effect on Sunday.

“The forecast amounts of precipitation can result in high water levels and high flow rates in rivers. Puddles can occur in low lying areas,” the authority said.

“The combination of slippery and unstable banks could create dangerous conditions near any river, stream or other body of water. All the shores, rivers and streams in the GTA should be considered hazardous. “

The snow is expected to melt and clear by Tuesday, according to Environment Canada. (James Morrison-Collalto / CBC)

The temperature is rising higher every day

On Sunday, forecasts call for a 40% chance of flurries in the afternoon and evening. The sky should clear around midnight.

Sunday’s high should be 2 C. Sunday night’s low should be -7 C with a wind chill that will make it appear -13.

Hobelman said temperatures would continue to climb between Sunday and Wednesday. “Today will be the coldest day of the week. It’s only going up from here,” she said.

The snow is expected to melt and clear by Tuesday.

Here’s the scene that greeted residents of Toronto early Sunday. Melting, slippery snow lay on the ground. Environment Canada says the weather is near normal. (Muriel Draaisma / CBC)

Monday the high should be 4 C, with a low of -1 C at night, while Tuesday the high should be 6 C, with a low of 2 C at night.

And on Wednesday, seasonal weather is expected to return, with high temperatures forecast at 8 ° C.

‘A beautiful spring day’

Toronto residents, meanwhile, took to Twitter early Sunday to express their dismay at the snow:

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