Utah spring snow on April 11

(ABC4) – ABC4 Utah’s digital team spoke with station meteorologist Thomas Geboy about the storms forecast for April 11. Here’s what you need to know.

A reporter tired of the snowy weather asked Geboy if this might be the last snowfall of the season. He said it was impossible to know, but unlikely. While more snow tonight may not be good for commuters, it will likely benefit Utah in the long run.

These storms will likely impact road safety, especially at higher elevations. Drivers should expect muddy roads at high altitudes, which also have the potential to spill over into lower valleys. Black ice is still possible, but Geboy says to watch out for slush, which is more likely.

Central and southern areas of Utah should also be on the lookout for “rippling” winds, up to 50-60 mph. These have the potential to cause power outages and traffic stoppages. High-level vehicles should drive especially carefully. Strong winds could also reach the Wasatch front.

Regarding the impact of tonight’s weather on Utah’s climate, Geboy said this storm is likely to have a positive effect on Utah’s drought conditions. However, several more of these storms are needed to get Utah where it should be water-wise.

Finally, Deboy said the role of spring snowy weather in changing the wildfire season is difficult to predict. This could provide literal more fuel for fires in the dry season, but could also help mitigate fire risk.

More information is available at https://www.abc4.com/weather/.

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