Up to 2 feet of snow expected through Saturday, with possible flurries through Tuesday

Summit County resident Eric Lentz works snow removal Thursday, Jan. 6, in Breckenridge. Up to 2 feet of snow could fall by noon Saturday, meteorologists said.
Ashley Low / For the Daily News Summit

Up to 2 feet of snow could accumulate by noon Saturday, according to National Weather Service reports.

The snow system will start in the mountains and northern foothills before spreading south and east throughout Friday, meteorologists said. Showers will develop by noon Friday in the mountains of Summit County, with heavy snowfall through noon Saturday.

“Heavy snow will accumulate on tree branches and power lines, eventually causing them to snap and lead to power outages,” a report from the National Weather Service warns. “Travel can become very difficult, if not impossible, due to heavy snowfall on the roads.”

A winter storm warning will remain in effect until noon Saturday. Officials say travel is discouraged.

The system will spread across the Denver metro area, dropping up to 1 foot of snow, with the heaviest totals in the foothills and Palmer Divide.

Snowflakes will not disappear once the winter storm warning is lifted. Reports point to constant threats of snow through Tuesday evening. A wintry mix of sleet and rain is expected on Sunday with some possible thunder. Winds will remain in the double digits throughout the weekend, with windy conditions continuing through Thursday.

Sunday and Monday will see warmer temperatures throughout the day, but freezing temperatures will return at night.

Wednesday should bring a chance of rain showers and thunderstorms, but the majority of the day should be sunny with highs near 57.

Thursday, there is no precipitation forecast. That day will bring mostly sunny skies and highs near 65, although wind speeds will remain gusty.

Despite forecasts of heavy snowfall through the weekend, meteorologists say “there is still some uncertainty about snowfall amounts“, particularly in areas outside the mountains.

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