UK Snow Forecast: Six inches of snow in -8C dam as fog, frost and high winds strike | Weather | New

Brits can expect fog, frost and high winds at the end of November. Maps forecasting the last week of November showed snowfall in parts of the north of the UK, with the heaviest snow reaching Leeds, Carlise and parts of Scotland.

Up to 15cm of snow can be expected around Manchester, Leeds and Inverness.

Temperatures are also expected to reach lows of -8C as a cold snap hits the UK.

Meanwhile, the UK can expect strong winds, as maximum gust speed is expected to reach 42 mph (67 km / h) on November 29, according to WXCharts.

Milder temperatures can be expected in the south, with London expecting temperatures of around 1 ° C.

Incoming cold temperatures are expected to start imminently, with the Met Office warning of heavy snowfall in the north of the country from Monday.

The cold wind is expected to reach the south by Wednesday evening.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “I couldn’t imagine a better weather model for fans of cold weather, with forecast models showing north straight from the Arctic next week.”

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“The cold continues to move towards the end of the month with deeper frosts – especially for Scotland, as well as a few winter outbreaks.

“Snow is building up over the Scottish mountains as December approaches. “

The Met Office’s long-range weather forecast says: “As the period continues, the weather will generally arrive in the UK from the north, bringing colder conditions and intervals of rain or showers .

“Winter showers probably on the heights, and sometimes falling to low levels.

“The high pressure will persist around the west and southwest of the country, allowing more stable conditions from time to time with the possibility of some sunny spells at times, but also a feeling of cold, with overnight frosts likely.”

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