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At the end of October, the weather will become humid and rainy with up to 164mm of rain expected to fall by 9pm on October 28. Three days later, up to 251mm of rain is expected to fall across the country by 6 p.m. for Halloween, according to the latest WX maps.

However, the weather will take a dramatic turn after the showers, as temperatures are expected to drop below zero in early November.

According to the latest WX charts, on November 3 at noon, temperatures in Inverness and Aberdeen will drop to between -3C and -4C.

Due to the freezing weather, the Scottish Highlands – along with Edinburgh – are expected to see snow as an arctic polar vortex arrives as early as next week.

The north of England will also experience freezing temperatures with, like Newcastle, set at 0 ° C.

Polar vortex sees sub-zero Arctic dip hit Britain next week (Image: WX Graphics)

Temperatures are expected to drop from next week

Temperatures are expected to drop from next week (Image: WX Graphics)

South East England and the Midlands are expected to have milder weather, with temperatures around 3C and 4C.

The cold is expected to continue throughout the first week of November.

Inverness and the Scottish Highlands will see temperatures continue to hover between -1C and -2C on November 4th.

Temperatures across England and Wales will remain at freezing temperatures with Newcastle and the northeast forecast for 0C.

Snow maps show high areas facing a snow flurry likely to settle in high areas. Edinburgh can expect snow, as can parts of Lancashire and the Midlands.

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Temperatures will continue to drop

Temperatures will continue to drop (Image: WX Graphics)

Snow graphics show much of the UK's 4th November success

Snow graphics show much of the UK’s 4th November success (Image: WXCHARTS)

The south-east of England will remain mild with temperatures reaching just 4 ° C in London.

But even southern areas are unlikely to run out of snow with the forecast for snowstorms in Norfolk and Suffolk.

By November 6, many parts of Scotland and northern England will wake up to snow and frost as temperatures are expected to remain freezing.

Cold weather will continue with the Scottish Highlands – including Inverness – with temperatures down to -3C by noon on November 6.

Edinburgh is set for freezing temperatures of around -1C and 0C, with the northeast – like Newcastle – also set for -1C.

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Temperatures will drop by November 6

Temperatures will drop by November 6 (Image: WX Graphics)

Cold weather will continue in England and Wales with 0C set for all of northern England.

London and the south-east will experience milder temperatures, but are only expected to peak at 4 ° C when the cold weather arrives.

Anyone expecting a break from the freezing weather will be sorely disappointed as temperatures will continue to drop.

Areas of southern England will see temperatures drop to between 1 ° C and 2 ° C, such as in London and Plymouth.

The polar vortex will arrive by November 9

The polar vortex will arrive by November 9 (Image: WX Graphics)

Cardiff and all of Wales are forecast to see 0 ° C and the Midlands will be around 1 ° C from 6 a.m. on November 9.

The north of England will continue to see temperatures not exceeding 1C, with Newcastle set at 0C during the same period.

As always, Scotland will remain the coldest part of the country, temperatures will drop to -3C in Aberdeen and Inverness.

Temperatures on November 9 are expected to drop

Temperatures on November 9 are expected to drop (Image: WX Graphics)

According to WX Charts, there will be heavy snowfall at midnight on November 9 in the Scottish Highlands and north-east England.

The cold weather is also expected to bring heavy rainfall across the country as winter arrives.

According to the Met Office’s long-term forecast, the volatile weather will continue from November 8.

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