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After an unusually warm October, winter weather has cooled the UK in recent days. And temperatures are expected to drop to just 1 ° C in Scotland and 2 ° C in Manchester tonight, causing a freezing start on Monday.

The frost will trigger an early snow blast that could last up to three days – with about an inch expected to fall each day.

Most of it should be confined to the Scottish Highlands according to WXCHARTS.

However, true cold weather is expected to strike a week later, on November 17th, when Manchester sees chills of around -2C and lower in Britain, the mercury will drop to -1C (30F) in the south of the country. Wales.

Much of the rest of the country – including the Midlands, southern England and London – will hit 0C (32F).

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And with the frost below zero, there could be snow as far south as the outskirts of London.

Norfolk and Suffolk also expect to face a flurry of snow as the wind chill factor sees the British freeze over.

WXCharts charts show freezing weather will continue into the weekend, when even southwest England can expect 0C lows.

The November snow, brought on by a brutal jet stream from the Arctic, comes after Britain faced windy conditions brought on by Storm Wanda on the other side of the Atlantic.


Writing on Netweather, forecaster Terry Scholey said after a “fair” weekend for Guy Fawkes celebrations, things were going to get worse.

Early in the morning, the Met Office issued a yellow warning of severe gales for the north of Scotland.

There will also be a “dispersal of heavy downpours mainly over the north and west of Scotland and the north-west of England,” the Netweather forecaster said.

He explained that for the “remaining areas” of the UK it “will stay dry during a day of varying cloud and sunny periods, the best of which will be in the east.”

Across Northern Ireland he warned of increasing clouds this afternoon.

Mr Scholey explained that “the strong north-westerly gale over northern Scotland will moderate elsewhere”.

As the day progresses, “it will be clearing, and as the winds become light it will become cold enough overnight for a touch of grass frost over the sheltered rural areas to the east. from Wales and central and eastern England, ”he said. .

He added: “In the west, clouds will increase, with outbreaks of rain over Northern Ireland spreading to other parts of the west before morning.

“Here, a refreshing southerly wind will introduce milder air, with lower temperatures of around 7C (44.5F) or 8C (46.4F) in the west and 2 (23.6F) to 4C (39.2F) further east.

“East Anglia and the South East may also see a few drops of rain later on, but it will probably stay dry here.

“A south to southwest wind will cool, becoming strong overexposed parts of the north and west.”

“Many parts of the east start the new work week on a bright note with a bit of sunshine, but it will tend to darken in the west.

“Elsewhere expect lots of cloud and some scattered rain, much of which should be light, with heaviest gusts north and west of Scotland and Northern Ireland .

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