UK Snow Forecast: Heavy snow to fall in 7 DAYS in BRUTAL February frost – to reach London | Weather | News

The entire country is on high alert for an Arctic deluge in early February to bring the settled doom to a frenzied finale. Britons, lulled into a false sense of security by clear skies and sunny days, are being warned to prepare for the utter fury of winter. However, snow-lovers can relax with the ice slap likely to be brief and the February forecast will swing between cold and mild.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “We expect to see some changes as we head into the final month of winter.

“The cold and snow will encroach from the north in early February, and some of these wintry showers could reach as far south as central England and the capital.

“The good news for snow lovers is that these outbursts may only be brief as balmy Atlantic weather sweeps through the UK.

“A north-south split will also bring the worst weather to Scotland and northern England, with southern Britain likely to dodge the worst weather.”

Britain’s weather is currently dominated by a huge region of high pressure straddling the country.

It keeps wind, rain and snow at bay while allowing temperatures to drop under clear skies.

Tenacious high pressures will deepen next week before finally giving way to freezing northerly winds.

Weather patterns show bitter arctic gusts sweeping across Britain, driven by a huge low pressure system near Greenland.

Mr Madden added: ‘This winter so far has been dominated by high pressure, resulting in few cold snaps and widespread snowfall.

“However, February certainly seems more upside down with the weather oscillating between cold and mild.”

It comes as the nation shivers in sub-zero temperatures but little rain or snow.

Apart from some wintry showers across Scotland and northern England, the calm weather will last for another week.

Meteorologists predict that the high pressure will remain in charge through the latter part of January.

Netweather forecaster Ian Simpson said: “High pressure is still dominating the weather, and it doesn’t look set to move very far any time soon – even at 10 days most forecast models still have high pressure. pressure very near or above the British Isles.

“The weekend is forecast to be mostly dry and cloudy, with westerly winds bringing lots of cloud and moisture to our high pressure area.

“Next week will continue with high pressures, and with high pressures mainly centered over southern Britain, there will be some sunny spells to the east of the highlands and over southern England, but the Northern Ireland, western Scotland and northwest England will be mostly cloudy.

Plunging temperatures and snow in early February could be brought on by severe storms from the south, according to Metcheck forecasters.

A spokesman said: ‘The end of the month is expected to be very stormy with areas of low pressure heading south which is likely to bring severe gales and snow to areas further south.’

Bookmakers are bracing for a flurry of wintry weather betting with Coral slashing odds from 3-1 to 6-4 in the coldest February ever.

Ladbrokes go 3-1 next month entering the books with 2-1 in a record winter.

Ladbrokes’ Alex Apati said: “With a heavy freeze hitting all four corners of the UK, the odds suggest we are going to experience record high temperatures in the weeks to come.”

Coral’s Harry Aitkenhead added: “We’re going to have to endure a very cold end to January and winter is far from over.

“We have reduced the chances of this February entering the record books as the second coldest month of the year in the UK.”

Jim Dale, author of Weather or Not? and British Weather Services meteorologist, said February will bring a mix of cold, snow, wind and rain.

He said: “We have been dry for a very long time so we expect a change soon, and that should happen in early February.

“There may well be brief and sharp incursions of cold weather from the north and northeast, although we will also see an Atlantic influence.

“There will be more precipitation in February than what we have seen this month, but I expect mostly rain with some snow on the higher ground.

“It’s about monitoring this space. February will bring mixed weather.

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