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Maps suggest that after heavy rains in late October and Halloween weekend, conditions will start to cool to single digits. Meteorologists have said snowfall is expected in the coming weeks, but most of the UK will see the mercury drop as the winds cool.

Jim Dale, of British Weather Services, said snowfall could occur in Scotland in the coming weeks.

He said: “It will be the coldest week in autumn yet, with frost in the air and soil for many parts of the interior starting tomorrow.

“Not too unusual and still around seasonal normal during the day, all offset by long periods of mostly sunshine.

“Regarding precipitation, nothing really to worry about for the future; no significant snow events at all, although in a week’s time the Scottish highlands might see some dust or two.

Tyler Ros, senior meteorologist and senior European forecaster at AccuWeather, also said this week “will be the coldest in the UK since spring 2021”.

He said: “Today will be the wettest days for many with snow in the higher elevations of the Scottish Highlands.

“On Tuesday showers will be along the coast of the United Kingdom. On Wednesday showers will occur in northern Scotland, northern England, Wales, the coast of Northern Ireland and the coast of southwest England with snow in the highest elevations of the Scottish Highlands.

“All showers Thursday and Friday will either be through [the] the northwest coast of Scotland or the east coast of England, but they will be short and spaced. The rest of the UK will be dry.

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Snowfall is expected in Scotland and parts of northern England from Wednesday, according to WXCharts.

Throughout Wednesday morning, 1cm of snow per hour will fall south of Inverness.

By 6 p.m. snow will have settled just north of Carlisle.

Conditions will not melt snow away from these areas until Saturday.


The Daily Star also reported how an 800 mile wide “arctic plume” is about to strike Britain.

John Hammond, Weathertrending, said: “The drop of 10 ° C or more will be a shock as temperatures drop after such hot conditions recently.

“Windy northwesterly winds will give a cooler feel, with snow possible over the northern mountains and possibly at lower levels, with nighttime frost perhaps becoming more prevalent.

“The Atlantic fronts are expected to bring rain from the west by the weekend.”

While the week is expected to be drier, heavy rains will return for Guy Fawkes Night Weekend.

The Sun reported that a Met Office forecaster said, “After a wet and windy Halloween with a deep Atlantic low pressure system and destructive winds, it’s getting colder in the new week.”

The Met Office also says: “The wettest and windiest conditions expected in the north and west over the weekend with bands of heavy rain and showers and a risk of gales.

“Temperatures will be average with some milder interludes, however, brief spells of cold are still possible, particularly in the south.”

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