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UK weather: Snow and cold winds set to hit Britain

Bitter gusts will sweep across the country throughout the week, pushing temperatures back below freezing. Torrents of snow heading into the weekend could leave parts of Scotland under winter blanket. Britons are being warned to keep their plans later this week under control with severe and disruptive winter weather possible.

Snow in the UK: the country can expect almost a week of winter storms (Image: WXCHARTS•NETWEATHER)

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: ‘Low pressure is heading towards Scandinavia and cold air will return.

“The wind will continue to be a feature on Thursday when cold northerly winds will cross the UK bringing a colder feeling everywhere, and this easterly wind will exacerbate the cold feeling.

“The showers will have a wintry flavor, there will be hail, sleet and snow at lower levels in Scotland as the cold air lingers.

“Thursday late afternoon, we are all in the colder air, with showers of rain, sleet and hail.

“If you have plans on Thursday, keep up to date with the forecast.”

On Friday, a separate low pressure system from the west will crash into cold air over Britain, unleashing another torrent of snow.

While the weekend is expected to be drier, temperatures will drop well below average for the time of year.

Mr Deakin added: “During Friday another feature will bring moisture from the Atlantic hitting this colder air bringing snow to the south.

“It will be a bit drier over the weekend with some sunshine, but still cool.”

Weekend temperatures could dip to -8C in Scotland on Saturday with lows of -10C possible on Sunday.

Elsewhere, the mercury will hover around freezing, although biting winds will make it much colder.

Wind chill charts show sensational temperatures hitting -14C in Scotland on Thursday, with much of the country shivering with lows between freezing and -6C.

Spring weather records are under threat again, although unlike March’s unusual heat, it’s the arctic cold that will threaten the books.

A Scandinavian low-pressure installation chasing the cold

A Scandinavian low-pressure installation chasing the cold (Image: NETWEATHER)

April’s daily records are set to drop over the weekend as temperatures plunge into double digits.

The record low for April 9 is -8.3 (17F) recorded at Alwen, Conwy, Wales, in 1968, while for April 10, which this year could reach -10C, is -10.1C (13.8F), set at Grantown-on -Spey in the Scottish Highlands in 1978.

The cold will be driven by low pressure churning across Scandinavia, drawing cold air from the north.

The jet stream, which has tumbled south over the UK, will drive the cold blast through opening the gates to the numbing Arctic air.

Further snowfall is forecast until Wednesday in parts of Scotland before bitter dry air sweeps across the UK.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for the UK Meteorological Service, said: ‘There will be another snow dump on Wednesday and then on Thursday cold air will be across the country.

Saturday will see a low of -8C

Saturday will see a low of -8C (Image: NETWEATHER)

“The main theme for the weekend and into the weekend will be frosts, and these will be widespread as the cold moves south on a polar front.

“The jet stream is further south than usual for the time of year, and that controls this weather pattern.”

Britain can expect further outbursts of cold, wet and miserable weather until early April, he warned.

“We will be looking over our shoulders until Easter weekend,” he said.

“That will probably be the pattern, with most rain in the north and west.

“Otherwise we can expect more showers and sometimes cold weather during the first half of April.”

Sunday temperatures will also hit a cold -8C and below freezing across much of the country

Sunday temperatures will also hit a cold -8C and below freezing across much of the country (Image: NETWEATHER)

The weather will take a national turn for the worse tonight as northerly winds pour over Britain.

Netweather’s Jo Farrow said: “There will be a change for everyone after the middle of the week.

“Thursday’s overnight low will also bring strong winds.

“It is colder for the whole of the UK but there is a lot of wind around the northwest Scotland and Northern Ireland low in the North Sea early Thursday.

“Then we’re back to real cold Thursday afternoon in a brisk north-northwesterly wind.”

Bookmakers are reducing the odds this month by tearing up the record books as the coldest April ever.

Ladbrokes offers 1-2 coldest April 10-11 on record as temperatures across the country prepare to plunge.

Spokesman Alex Apati said: “We’ve already seen snow and heavy rain this month, and the latest ratings suggest a record-breaking April may well be on the cards.”

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