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Adele Milloz, 26 years old. Credit: AP

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farmers almanac
Credit: Farmers Almanac

The Farmers’ Alamanc published its much-anticipated forecast for winter 2022/23 last week, warning of a winter of extremes. But before winter comes, we have to wait for summer to turn into autumn, and sometimes autumn can bring us snowy treats. Last year, a huge snowstorm dumped feet of snow on California in October, allowing Palisades Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain to open before November.

To read the full forecast: Farmers’ Almanac Fall Snow Forecast: Cold and snowy with the possibility of heavy snowfall for Thanksgiving

Denali covered in snow. Image: Pexel

Denali is bigger than Everest, claims Denali National Park and Preserve.

Yes, you read that right.

To read the full post: Brain Post: Denali, AK, not Everest, is the world’s highest terrestrial mountain

Who doesn’t like to think about winter and snow when it’s 100°F outside?

Direct Weather has just released its winter forecast for the 2022-23 season. In the video, precipitation and temperature forecasts are discussed along with polar vortices, arctic fronts and overall snowfall as well as regions that may be drier and warmer than historical normal.

For the full forecast see the article: Direct Weather Releases Full 2022-23 Winter Forecast

Here’s when to expect your first snowfall this winter, courtesy of Direct Weather.

“We’re going to go layer by layer in 15-day increments to find out when you can (on average) expect your first snowfall of the season!” – Live Weather

To read the full forecast: [VIDEO] Direct weather shares forecast showing when you can expect your first snowfall for winter 2022-23

Adele Milloz, 26 years old. Credit: AP

A world ski champion and her climbing partner have died on Mont Blanc in the French Alps. Another climbing group discovered their roped bodies around 6:15 p.m.

Adèle Milloz, 26, and her friend died while traversing the Aiguille de Peigne (10,4723ft) to the nearby summit of the Aiguille du Midi (12,605ft), mountain guides have confirmed.

For the full article: World champion skier dies climbing Mont Blanc, France

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