Tire retailers report supply shortages and long waits to swap tires

Barrie, Ont. –

Motorists got a sample of the winter road conditions this week, putting snow tires on the minds of many, but if you’re on the hunt for new tires, you might be in a race against more than Mother Nature’s winter wrath. .

Tire retailers are reporting problems in the industry across the country.

“There is still a shortage of winter tires this year, I think it’s more related to supply issues, and I guess there is a shortage of staff to do things,” said Quintin. Kean, OK Tire in Barrie.

“There appears to be a shortage of tires, not just winter tires, but tires in general,” said CAA communications director Kaitlynn Furse. “We suggest that you start looking now if you haven’t already.”

The CAA reminds motorists not to wait for the first heavy snowfall to change their tires.

“It’s actually more appropriate to think of them for the cold. You see the tire grip the ground more easily during those cold, cold winter months,” said Furse.

In addition to the lack of new tires, Kean said there was a significant delay for anyone wishing to make an appointment to exchange them.

“At the moment, we are booking for December, so it takes about two weeks of waiting,” he noted.

Brian Chaulk of Midas in Barrie said it takes about a week to wait for winter tires and the cost has increased by about 20%.

“Even next year, in the spring and summer, the tires are also going to run out. I have no idea how long we can get rubber, but from what I hear, not for long,” Chaulk said.

Cory Leblanc said that although he booked early, he just received his tires in Barrie. “I think I placed my order in September, and yes, I just received them today.”

Despite the challenges ahead, CAA mentioned that adding a set of four matching winter tires can help reduce stopping distance by about 25%.

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