The Met Office warns that 20 inches of SNOW and freezing temperatures of -3C will crush Britain in the Arctic blast next week

4 Top Tips for a Stronger Fence in a Storm

After the damage Dudley and Eunice caused, many hoped it was over for storm season this year, but with Gladys around the corner, we’ve got some tips to help you keep a straight fence.

1. Keep your fences clean.
It may sound strange, but if your fences and the area around them are dirty, the fence is more likely to rot. This makes them weaker and more likely to tip over in strong winds.

2. Preserve your fence.
Just like above, this is to prevent rot from weakening your structure. A preservative can be sprayed on or painted on and it is best done in the summer. Unfortunately, if you haven’t already, you may have to accept fate and expect next year’s stormy season!

3. Sort out those wonky messages.
The fence posts are between the panels and are what hold the panels in place. If the posts are unstable and ill-fitting, they will likely fall. Get some postcrete from your local DIY store and start digging!

4. Plant!
It’s almost spring so that’s the perfect time, and that’s put an end to those awkward greetings with the neighbor since your fence came down! Shrubs, hedges and bushes act as a windbreak, but be careful – a tree-like plant can fall in a storm and ruin the fence you wanted to protect.

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