Texas isn’t exactly the most party of places, report says

With a number of seasonal holidays approaching, LawnStarter, a lawn care company, has released its roundup one of the most party cities in the United States According to the results, the Lone Star State is not exactly the most party place in the country.

In determining the list, the company said it took into account areas “teeming with” holiday events, “euro-style” holiday markets, “delicious treats” and also looked at snowfall averages. to “find the most Instagram-worthy backdrops” around the country.

Overall, New York City ranks first on LawnStarter’s list as America’s most party city, followed by Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, in order, with Los Angeles. , Jersey City, Newark, Denver and Washington DC, rounding out of the top 10.

The most festive towns in Texas

The general rankings have sub-categories related to the frolic, party, entertainment, dining and shopping rankings for each city. Of those categories, the only city in Texas to make the top 10 is Pasadena, ranked No.6 for entertainment. Houston has claimed the state’s highest ranking for eating (15) and shopping (34). Overall, Houston is the first city in Texas to rank 26th.

Of the 200 major cities included in this list, Midland is ranked No.184 with low scores associated with its rankings in games (105), celebrations (185), entertainment (122), dining (138) and purchases (176). Laredo is ranked at No.198 with low scores across all ranking categories, including romp (147), revelry (200), entertainment (195), dining (163), and shopping (153).

Lubbock is ranked No.182 out of 200 with low scores in most ranking categories including merrymaking (197), entertainment (181), dining (132) and shopping (142), although the city has claimed the 58th place for antics. . Lubbock is the top-ranked city in Texas for frolicking, with Austin taking the top spot in the Lone Star State for the revelry (26).

Feel free to browse the full list on LawnStarter website.

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