Temperatures set to drop in Scotland with snow forecast for October


Temperatures are expected to drop below freezing with strong snowfall expected in Scotland later this month.

After a period of warmer climates and heavy showers, forecasts suggest that the frost is fast approaching.

The Met Office said some rural parts of Scotland could experience widespread frosts, with mercury expected to drop to -2C from October 24, on Mirror reports.

Winter conditions are expected to land in Scotland around this time. WXCharts predicts that snow is likely to hit the north and west of the country from this time on.

Heavy snowfall (purple) is expected to hit the north and west of the country

Brian Glaze, director and forecaster of The Weather Outlook, said: “Towards the end of the month, some computer models indicate that the high pressure will become centered north or west of the sea. UK.

“If that were to happen, there would be an increasing likelihood of colder temperatures, which would lead to the risk of more and more prevalent nocturnal frosts.

“There could be sleet or snow showers high up in the northern half of the UK.”

Forecasters said the freezing weather is brought in by an eastward Atlantic weather system.

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The Met Office said: “Temperatures are generally near average until the start of this period (October), although they are getting colder in the north as rural areas experience freezing temperatures.

“High pressures and mostly dry conditions in the southeast at first, while further rain and stronger winds arrive in the northwest, sometimes also spreading to the south.

“These more volatile conditions are expected to become more widespread towards the latter part of this period.”

Meteorologist John Hammond said the freezing weather could also be due to the weakening of the polar vortex with less strong than normal winds over the Arctic Circle.

“There are signs that the stratosphere will experience unusual warming over the next few days, which will make the polar vortex above the Arctic Circle less strong than normal later in October,” he said. said to the Sun.

“These high altitude winds normally intensify as we head into winter.

“So an unusual weakening of the polar vortex could well impact our climate later in fall and early winter.

“Sudden stratospheric warming events can sometimes cause the polar vortex to reverse, which can have dramatic impacts on winter weather conditions and increase the risk of severe

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