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Across the State of Iowa – The snow goose migration is underway and with it the opportunity for waterfowl hunters to participate in the Special Conservation Order allowing hunting of light geese in Iowa until on May 1.

While migrating snow geese can be found across the state, it is more common to see the huge flocks crossing western and southwestern Iowa en route to the Canadian Arctic.

“We typically see 1,000 to 1,500 of our waterfowl hunters participate in this special season each year and they average about 8 to 10 geese each, but it really depends on the weather,” said Orrin Jones, biologist from State Waterfowl at the Iowa Department of Natural Sciences. Resources. “When the weather keeps the birds here, the harvest is higher, when it’s mild and they pass through, the harvest is lower. March and April are usually the months we see our biggest surge of light geese in the state and given the current weather, it will likely be March this year.

The special season is used as a tool to help reduce the Pale Goose population to allow the fragile Arctic habitat to recover. The 2022 Special Preservation Order is open statewide from January 23 through May 1.

New way to register for the Harvest Information Program (HIP)

In order for hunters to participate in the Special Light Geese Conservation Ordinance, they will need a hunting permit, habitat fee, state migratory game bird fee and have completed the HIP registration.

There is a new process to register for the HIP. After purchasing a hunting license, the license holder will need to open the Go Outdoors Iowa app on their smartphone, go to www.iowadnr.gov/waterfowl or www.gooutdoorsiowa.com and answer a few questions. Once registered, hunters will need to physically write a confirmation number on the line provided at the top of the permit as proof of registration or take a screenshot of their confirmation number.

“The process is in place and working quite well. For those who are not comfortable with technology, they can call me or the DNR office in Des Moines and we can help them register,” Jones said.

Jones’ office number is 641-357-3517 ext. 23. The main Iowa DNR office number is 515-725-8200.

HIP registration is a federal requirement for all hunters of migratory birds. Migratory game birds mean more than ducks and geese; it includes ducks, geese, coots, doves, woodcocks, rails and snipes. The purpose of the new recording method is to improve the quality of data collected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), allowing the FWS to be more accurate in its investigations and to investigate good hunters. .

Deer, turkey and upland game hunters are not required to register with HIP and do not need to participate in the survey or register a confirmation number. Registration for the HIP can be done later, if the hunter changes his mind.

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