Spring snow forecast for Derbyshire as arctic cold snap is on the way

After a glorious spell of mild, dry weather giving us a taste of summer, March now looks set to end on a wintry note, as a cold spell arrives, bringing the potential for snow. We may currently be enjoying the warmest March weather in over 100 years, but forecasters have started to get hot under the collar over the arrival of cold air from Scandinavia next week, quickly ending the early barbecue season.

This weekend will still be a few hot, sunny and dry days, a little cooler with easterly winds, but generally very pleasant. However, a change is in the air from Monday. A change in wind direction will see Monday end on a frosty note, then from Tuesday arctic air will arrive bringing freezing weather and the potential for snow from the middle of the week.

Derby-based forecaster Robert Shaw has been reporting on the development of the cold spell for some weeks, on his Facebook page The actual weather. He spoke to Derbyshire Live this morning about the sudden change in temperature.

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He said: “We have observed and reported on a synoptic development which is very likely to produce wintry weather next week. This is not unusual, indeed just last year we had an end of hot March, followed by the coldest April on record.

“Further away, March 1968 was very warm, but in early April heavy snow showers set in. The reason for this is that the high pressure presently to our east, feeding us warm southerly winds, will head southward. northwest to sit on Greenland.

“With low pressure establishing over Scandinavia, this opens the door for extremely cold, arctic air flowing south over the UK. Next week is going to be cold with strong night frosts, and yes, there is a chance of seeing snow.”

In the meantime, there is still plenty of good weather to enjoy, with another 18C day today with milky skies and scattered clouds. Mr Shaw said new temperature records could be broken today as we enjoy an unusually hot working weekend.

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