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Update at 12:45 p.m., Wednesday April 21: The weather doesn’t look much like April in Montreal today as the tulips and budding green trees are covered in a layer of white. The snow started to fall around 7 a.m. Wednesday morning and was stable throughout the day, sometimes even heavy at times. Fortunately, the snow has melted on the city’s cobblestone surfaces, so driving is slippery but not impossible. The snow sometimes reduced visibility to less than a kilometer. The low over southern New York State will shift to New England later today. The snow will persist until the evening in Montreal, with accumulations of 5 to 10 cm, especially on grassy surfaces. Up to 15 cm are likely along the US border, where special weather reports and winter travel advisories are in effect.

Temperatures are cold today, currently at -2C (28F) at Trudeau Airport. The high will have a hard time reaching 0C (32F). The snow will subside to flurries this evening, it will be windy and cold with lows around -3C (27F) and winds up to 50m / h.

Workers defy gravity last Friday, April 15, as they begin to break through winter snow accumulated on several floors at the St Laurent dump on Thimens Boulevard. Colder weather this week and even the possibility of snow by Wednesday should temporarily slow the melt process.

Previous post: If you are one of the few who has hoped to see snowflakes flying once again in Montreal, then you are in luck. If not, turn away from that prediction now. After what has been a fairly warm month, we’re taking a look at the potential for snowfall on Wednesday.

A special weather report is now in effect for parts of the region, mainly the Eastern Townships and Quebec City, for up to 15 cm of wet snow from Wednesday late to Thursday. Less snow is expected at the moment in Montreal, maybe 5cm, but still enough to make travel difficult, especially for those who have removed their snow tires.

The coastal system that affected southern Quebec and New England on Friday produced quite a bit of wet snow in the townships and interior of New England, but the precipitation remained in the form of rain for Montreal, with 25 at 35mm falling across town. Colder air settled in southern Quebec for the weekend, under partly cloudy skies.

Monday was very mild, reaching 17C (63F) in Montreal, before a frontal system arrived at the end of the day. Showers accompanied by a rumbling or two of thunder occurred along the front, with rain subsiding around noon on Tuesday. Cooler and windier weather is forecast for Tuesday, with highs near 10C (50F) and winds up to 60 km / h.

The weather will then become quite active on Wednesday as the low pressure in the Ohio Valley approaches. The storm is expected to traverse the southern Great Lakes and northern New England on Thursday. A narrow band of wet snow is expected to fall along and just north of the track of the storms affecting southern Ontario and Quebec. By this time, rain is expected early Wednesday in Montreal, changing to wet snow in the afternoon and evening and ending early Thursday. Quantities are very difficult to predict at this time of year and will depend heavily on the timing of the change as well as the local altitude. There is a chance of 5-10 cm of wet slush along and just north of the St. Lawrence River, with up to 15 cm in the Townships and Quebec City.

While we haven’t had much snow since late February, it’s not uncommon for Montreal to have snow in April. In fact, the reverse is actually true, it was rather rare in 2021 not to have snowfall in March and April. A quick glance at the statistics from Trudeau Airport shows that you have to go back to 2005 to find a year without snow in Montreal in April.

Spring snow en route to Montreal

The storm in question is expected to develop south of the Great Lakes and move just south of Montreal on Wednesday. Colder air seeping into the area will turn rain into snow late Wednesday.

Temperatures will be cold Wednesday and Thursday, expect highs around 2C (36F) and temperatures low to freezing or just below. With the very mild weather we have experienced over the past two weeks, many trees and shrubs have started to bud or bloom. Wet snow, frost and cold will not be good for flowering plants. The good news is that temperatures will heat up quickly until next weekend, with peaks returning in the mid-teens.

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