SNOW-WAY: Yes, spring snow is on its way Calgary

You can tell it’s almost the long weekend in May because there is snow in the forecast for Calgary.

After a sunny and extremely windy Tuesday, it is 6 ° C, rather 3 ° C, in town at the moment. According to the Weather Network, Wednesday will be cloudy with sunny spells in the evening, with a high of 9 ° C, then we will see a few scattered flurries overnight.

Thursday morning should bring a maximum of 1 ° C, with a sensation of -3 ° C, with more snow gusts bringing less than an inch of snow to the city.

We can expect the same Thursday afternoon, with wet snow bringing less than an inch of the white, fluffy stuff to Calgary.

Snow appears to be easing by Thursday evening, and cloudy skies and a high of 3 ° C are forecast.

More wet snow and a high of 8C is forecast for Friday, then things will warm up slightly for the long weekend.

Saturday is expected to peak at 12 ° C with a mixture of sun and cloud, while Sunday will be 15 ° C and mostly cloudy.

Rain is forecast for the bank holiday Monday, with 15 to 20 millimeters of precipitation and a maximum of 13 ° C.

As long as there is no snow, we’ll take it – what more could we expect from spring in Alberta?

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