SNOW-WAY: Parts of Alberta just got heavy spring snow (PHOTOS)

Albertans know that we’re usually not out of the snowy woods until we’re past the May long weekend, and parts of Alberta just got a big dump of spring snowfall.

Let’s just say the Easter Bunny may have a very hard time navigating Fort McMurray next week, thanks to a significant amount of snowfall it received from Saturday to Sunday, April 10.

The northern Alberta town can expect another five centimeters of white stuff to fall today according to Environment Canadaon top of the already large amount they have already received.

It should be cold too thanks to the strong winds this evening, pushing the temperature to -19°C overnight. Not very spring-like at all!

“Yeah it only took about 2 inches overnight and easily 8-12 inches fell,” a Fort McMurray resident said of the amount of snow that fell in the city in a tweet. You just gotta love this sneaky Alberta spring snow!

“The weather gods got this forecast WWWAAAAYYYYY….cleaned a foot of snow off my truck TWICE since midnight last night,” one person tweeted jokingly.

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