Sierra Travelers Receive Unexpected Late Spring Snow


BLUE CANYON, Calif. (KTXL) – Much-needed snow falls in the Sierra on Thursday as temperatures plummeted in the 1920s.

With only 11 days until June, some drivers heading to Reno on Interstate 80 didn’t expect to need a long-sleeved shirt.

“It’s nice and sunny in both destinations and I’m not expecting it at all,” said Rebecca Stark, who drives from Auburn.

Meanwhile, Folsom’s Mike Silva says he’s doing fine in shorts and a T-shirt.

“When I left the house today it was nice,” said Silva. “And we’re in a car for two hours. So it will be fine. “

Silva and his wife are taking their two dogs who have never seen snow before for a weekend camping trip to Gray Eagle. He says the snow showers are not going to stop them.

After all, it’s supposed to be a long, hot summer.

“Where we come from in Folsom, it’s usually a hundred degrees all summer long and so… I love it,” Silva told FOX40.

But while Silva has an RV, John Davis says he came from Modesto to camp in a tent.

When asked what was appealing about snow camping, Davis responded enthusiastically.

“The food!” Davis said.

He says that only he and his eldest son will stay in a tent. Her two other children and her mother will be staying in a motorhome.

“Chopping your own firewood – just all to get back to your roots, I’m talking about cave man days, it’s recharging,” Davis said.

Bellini, who traveled from San Francisco to enjoy the snow on her birthday, is also looking to recharge.

“All the stress we have. I need therapy, natural therapy. And that’s it, we got it, ”Bellini said. “I walk and see the lake, the snow falling. It’s therapy for me.

Meanwhile, a winter weather advisory is in effect for the Sierra with slippery and icy road conditions.

“I would love to have my four-wheel drive right now, actually,” Davis said.

“We still have chains in the car, then,” Stark said.

Most people said they were hoping the late spring snow would help soak dry California.

“With all the drought we’ve had here it’s good to see snow,” said Bellini.

Caltrans says road condition chains for all-wheel-drive are not required to get past the Donner Summit, but conditions could change as temperatures drop overnight.

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