Removal and cleaning of damaged tree branches after the ongoing spring snowstorm

The springtime snowstorm that blew through Colorado snapped countless tree limbs in the area, with cleanup and removal efforts underway Saturday under partly sunny skies.

In Golden, city crews began Saturday removing damaged limbs from city streets, pathways and parks. For residents and private property owners, Golden has opened a tree branch collection site off Golden Gate Canyon Road, just west of Newstar Way. The recycling center will be open for two weeks.

In Denver, property owners are responsible for downed trees and branches on their private property and in the adjacent public right-of-way, according to city officials.

The Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure collects a “limited number of branches” as part of its garbage collection service for residents, the city said on its website.

  • Branches should not exceed 4 inches in diameter and should be cut in lengths of 4 feet or less, bundled and tied and weigh no more than 50 pounds.
  • Customers can define up to 10 branch groups on the day they pick up their bulky items.
  • Denver residents can also drop off branches at the Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off Center located near East Cherry Creek Drive South and South Quebec Street.

Denver officials are urging residents not to move branches to boardwalks or other public spaces.

When removing or freeing damaged branches from trees, people should be aware of overhead power lines and avoid them. Residents should not climb trees to remove limbs and contractors with tree pruning and removal services are a safe option.

“If emergency removal of a fallen tree or tree branch is needed to clear a street, call 311 to report the specific address,” according to a statement from Denver. “The city will assess and prioritize the removal of the obstruction, and if necessary, the city will remove the clutter, and the cost of the work will be billed to the responsible owner.”

Elsewhere, residents should check with their local governments for information on member removal and disposal.

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