Rare spring snow forecast for Tasmania

Rare low-lying spring snowfall is expected in Tasmania towards the end of the week, with some likely settling in the hills above Hobart.

The Bureau of Meteorology says separate cold fronts Thursday morning and Friday afternoon will bring damaging winds and “very light snow.”

Flurries of up to 100 m above sea level are possible Friday evening and Saturday, and some could reach near sea level in the west and south of the island.

“It’s pretty rare to see snow down to sea level in Tasmania, but it becomes more possible this time of year… when we start to see real cold systems,” said Luke Johnston, meteorologist. principal of the BOM.

“It will probably be the lowest snowfall in Tasmania this year. We have had a few events with snow within 500m this winter.”

The heaviest falls are expected in the west, far south, and central plateau, but Launceston in the north is expected to be missing.

The explosion in Antarctica is expected to linger over Tasmania over the weekend and into next week.

The office will issue alerts for freezing weather on the roads, as well as walkers and sheep herders, Friday and Saturday.

Snow could fall on the southern sections of the Midlands Highway, Tasmania’s main highway.

Wind gusts are expected to reach 100 km / h in some areas and up to 90 km / h in Hobart.

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