Preparing for a Spring Snowstorm –

As a severe spring blizzard makes its way over southeastern Saskatchewan, nearby communities in south-central Saskatchewan will not be unscathed.

The Moose Jaw area is expecting 10 to 20 cm of snow over the next 48 hours with wind gusts around 60 km/h. Meanwhile, Weyburn is seeing 20-40cm of snow and Estevan will see 30-50cm. The southeast could also experience winds of 70 to 90 km/h.

A blizzard warning has been in effect for the southeast corner of the province since Tuesday morning.

“Areas adjacent to communities where warnings are currently in effect will also be affected by this storm,” said Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Natalie Hasell.

“We don’t expect the warning criteria to be met, so the amounts of snow are not as significant. Visibility is reduced, possibly less or not as long, but conditions will likely be difficult in the neighboring areas as well.

Many called it a historic storm, which Hasell said would be a fair assessment.

“If we look at some of the statistics, say for Estevan and Saskatchewan, storms over 30 centimeters after April 11 have only been seen twice since 1902,” she said.

The weather will start to improve by Friday and clear before Saturday.

Road conditions could become dangerous as the storms spread. You should avoid travel if possible and check the Roadside assistance line for the latest terms.

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