On October 25, 2021, RC Storming Report


The western branch of the Carson River reached minor flooding this morning. This ridge could hit Centerville later this morning. A flood warning is in effect until Monday 9 a.m.

Genoa, Nevada – Rain flowing down Pine Nut Creek creates a mess in Fish Springs. Haven’t heard from Ruhenstroth yet, but I bet Smelter Creek has water flowing in it. The highways department closed Jo Lane, and don’t be surprised to see more closures this way.

The flood warning went on until 9 a.m. as the storm intensified this morning. Forecasters are warning residents that there is a risk of flash flooding and debris flow along Highway 395 from Minden to Mammoth Lakes.

I measured 3.55 inches in my gauge a mile north of Genoa at 5:45 am, not including what I knocked over. I take a photo every time I do a reading, then I empty the rain. Since last Monday, Genoa has received 4.21 inches of rain and it is still falling this morning.

The West Fork reached a minor flood stage at 13.51 feet this morning at Woodfords, but the tracks from Centerville and Mottsville are still high and dry. This might not continue to be the case as there is a delay of a few hours before the ridge comes downstream. The East Fork is below the action phase this morning and is unlikely to hit even minor flooding.

If your commute takes you to the mountains today, take it slow. The cold air came in early and it’s snowing heavily in Kingsbury and Highway 50. “The roads are stupid in here,” I heard a member say. Traffic cameras bear witness to this.

Every day of this week is a snow day for schools in Douglas County as they are on fall vacation. The Nevada holiday is Friday with the Parade on Saturday and Trick or Treating on Sunday.

The two finalists for the Director of the Douglas County Public Library are scheduled to meet with the public from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Carson Valley Community and Senior Center, assuming all goes as planned. Minden Library closes at 4.30 p.m.

The rain is expected to continue before 11 am, with the snow level dropping from 6,200 to 5,600 feet, which should help shut off the faucet. Expect a high temperature of 48 degrees with new precipitation of up to half an inch. We might see some snow in the valley tonight.

Kurt Hildebrand is editor-in-chief of The Record-Courier. Contact him at [email protected]

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