Met Eireann issues weather warning for two counties as snow forecast for Ireland

A yellow status warning has been issued for two counties with brutal conditions expected in some areas.

Met Eireann has issued the alert for Mayo and Sligo as unusually strong winds with gusts of up to 110 km / h are expected to affect coastal areas.

The warning, in place from 3 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Saturday, says northerly winds will reach average speeds of 45 to 65 km / h with gusts of 90 to 110 km / h.

There is also a possibility of waves and spray overflowing along the north-facing coastlines during high tide hours on Friday evening.

A yellow status wind warning has already been issued for Donegal, which details similar conditions.

Until Friday afternoon, evening and night, the northerly winds will reach average speeds of 45 to 65 km / h with gusts of 90 to 110 km / h with distinctly higher gusts sometimes along the coasts exposed to the sea. north and on the Inishowen Peninsula.

This warning is in place from 5 p.m. on Friday until 6 a.m. on Sunday.

Windy weather is on the way.

It comes as the first snow of winter in Ireland is expected to fall on Friday.

A forecaster said: “Friday will be windy with cool to strong winds gusting west to northwest, later strengthening to near gale force in the northwest.

“There will also be gales around the coast. There will be sunny spells and widespread, windy showers and some of the showers will turn to sleet later, with possible snow on the heights.

“Temperatures in the early afternoon will be around 4 to 9 ° C, but it will be colder in the afternoon.

“It will be very windy on Friday night with strong to almost gale force winds from the north to northwest and gales around the coast.

“The weather will become dry and clear in most areas overnight, but showers will continue in the north and west, with some of these showers being winter. Temperatures lowest 1 to 4 ° C.”

As for the weekend, the forecaster continued, “There will still be a lot of wind on Saturday morning with cool to strong winds from the north to northwest, but it will gradually become calmer during the day.

“It will be a cold and bright day with long periods of sunshine and although most areas will remain dry there will be some showers in the north and towards the west coast. Clouds will increase later over the western half. of the country Afternoon temperatures of only 4 to 6C.

“Early Saturday night will be cloudy, with epidemics of rain and drizzle moving to western areas. It will move east through the western half of the country overnight. The lowest temperatures of -1 to + 4C, colder in the east, with light to moderate westerly to northwesterly winds.

“Sunday will be cloudy with epidemics of rain and drizzle, stronger in the northwest. It will be cold in the morning and remain cold in the east, with afternoon temperatures of only 3 to 5 ° C, but it will become milder in the west as temperatures rise to around 8 to 11C.

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