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Parentheses broken, records broken: March lived up to the insanity of its reputation by giving Hoosiers as much roller coaster time as basketball time. We experienced record heat, days of snow, severe thunderstorms and massive temperature swings. It was everything you expected to see for early spring in Indiana.

record heat

Just days into the month, we broke a record high temperature. On March 5, a day when the city was buzzing with visitors for the Big Ten women’s basketball tournament, Indianapolis reached a peak temperature of 77° at 3:12 p.m. This broke the previous record of 75° set in 1956 and tied it in 1983. Weather records began for the Indianapolis area in February 1871.

Large temperature variations

No more than a week later, we came very close to breaking another record in the opposite direction: the COLDEST *high* temperature. Indianapolis went from a record 77° on Saturday to a meager 26° the following Saturday. However, we were narrowly missed, because the coldest temperature record on March 12 remains at 24° set in 1932.

Overall, this month has been pretty normal. The values ​​observed for March 2022 are very close to the seasonal averages.

Severe weather

There were a few days of severe weather for central Indiana in March. We experienced severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, heavy hail, wind damage and flooding, to name a few. In the following days, some type of storm report was recorded in the official Storm Prediction Center data.

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Wetter than average Month

Rainfall totals were about an inch above average in March. We observed 4.67″ of precipitation, making it a wetter than average month. Rainfall totals for March are normally 3.69″. The highest record amount ever seen in March was 10.95″ in 1904.

The highest single-day rainfall total of the month came on March 7, when Indianapolis recorded 1.77″ of rain.

The extra inch of rain this month has helped us exceed normal year-to-date rainfall totals. So far this year, a normal amount of precipitation would be 9.24″. We observed 10.38″ through March 31.

Less snow than normal

Total snowfall for the Indianapolis area in March is normally 3.2″. We have not reached this figure and have only observed “trace” amounts for March 2022. In the registers, you will see it recorded as “T”.

This does not mean that we had no snow during the month. Just none that were “measurable” at the specific site to include in the climate report. Below you can check out some of our forecasts which covered snow showers from March 2022.

Temperatures close to normal

This month has clearly seen a lot of hot days and a lot of cool days. Although we made it through the last day with an afternoon temperature swing about 30° colder than the day before, overall we got a little warmer. Indianapolis observed an average temperature of 45.5° this month, which is close to the normal average temperature of 42.5° from March 1 through March 31.

The average maximum and minimum temperatures were globally slightly above average:
55.9° max observed temperature -> 51.9° max normal temperature
35.1° min observed temperature -> 33.0° min normal temperature

March 1 – March 31 Contents 2022 Observed Normal Departure
Average maximum temperature 55.9 51.9 4.0
Average minimum temperature 35.1 33.0 2.1
Mean temperature 45.5 42.5 3.0

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