Letter: Save the Spring Snow Trees US40


Twenty-five years ago, students from Steamboat Springs Middle School made several presentations at city council meetings to encourage the city to uncover the gravel and weed infested medians between Safeway and Old Town Hot Springs on US Highway 40. The goal was to have a nice entrance to our city while teaching students public speaking, fundraising and knowledge about trees and their role in it. environment.

The idea was approved and through SSMS Kidscape and SSMS Tree Sales, members of the Steamboat Springs community purchased / sponsored Spring Snow Crabapples for planting in the US Mid 40. Ed MacArthur / Native Excavating donated the time and equipment to install a water pipe under the road and an irrigation system to the medians, and the trees were planted. They were a beautiful gateway to our city, and the next year or two the same spring snow crabapples were planted along Lincoln Avenue, where they still stand today.

The city intends to remake the medians next year. Apparently, due to the deterioration of their condition due to lack of maintenance, lack of personnel and finance, the decision was taken to turn off all irrigation to the medians and leave the grass, vegetation and the trees die slowly. Fortunately, the dead grass has finally been mowed, but the spring snow crabapples still have no water and are slowly dying.

We all know the value of trees in our environment. We hope that once the city has removed the grass and other plant material, the spring snow crabapples can be saved by using the already installed irrigation system and adapting a water drip system, which would be efficient and profitable.

The citizens of Steamboat paid for these trees and welcomed their flowers each spring. Please find a way to save them.

Nancy Hummel

Former SSMS / Kidscape teacher

Matt tredway

Former SSMS teacher / SSMS tree sale

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