Last Blizzard on the East Coast of the United States: A TV Report Caught in a Historic Snowstorm | World | News

At least 10 states on the eastern seaboard of the United States have been subject to extreme blizzard warnings as the region faces its first major snowstorm in four years. Hurricane-force winds and historic snowfall have already wreaked havoc across the United States, with 75 million people currently in the storm’s path. Images on social media showed shoppers crowding grocery stores in several states and stocking up on essentials ahead of the storm.

Video from a CNN reporter caught in the blizzard showed the impact of the blizzard conditions.

CNN’s Brian Todd said: “The wind is moving sideways. It’s getting dangerous to be out here.

“It’s even difficult for me to be here on foot. My speech is even affected when I’m hit by a flurry of snow.

“Visibility is near zero. I can’t see anything. People are venturing out and getting stuck. Don’t do that.”

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The storm is expected to become a so-called “bomb cyclone”, which is when colder air mixes with warmer sea air, triggering a rapid drop in the atmospheric pressure.

It also marks the first blizzard warning for the northeast since 2018.

The powerful snowstorm began battering the country’s coast in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The governors of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island and Virginia have since declared states of emergency, asking residents to stay off the roads for their own safety.

Marc Chenard, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, warned: “It’s almost whiteout whiteout. Travel will be very difficult at best and near impossible in places.”

The storm is known as nor’easter, because its winds generally blow from the northeast as it travels up the east coast.

US meteorologist Anthony D Torres told Sky News: “These northeasts happen every year, but the most powerful ones like this happen maybe once or twice a decade.

“And this particular storm, if it produces more than 70cm of snow in Boston, would be the largest snowfall ever seen from a single storm in the Boston metro area.”

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