Kansans prepare for winter, up to 9 inches of snow expected for Wichita

WICHITA, Kansas (KWCH) – The winter blast is expected to impact much of the state through midweek has many preparations, from road crews to people trying to find a shovel for their driveway. From Tuesday evening to Wednesday, the spring weather that started the week will quickly fade. In about 48 hours we expect to go from warm enough to be comfortable outdoors in jeans and a sweatshirt to snow that will likely be at least ankle deep.

This caused the Kansas Department of Transportation to prepare its gear, and stores saw an influx of customers trying to get a head start. Across the Wichita area on Monday, families spent time outdoors, enjoying afternoon temperatures in the 60s before a dramatic chance.

“Part of life in Kansas. I think Thursday morning is supposed to be negative when we go to work,” said Michael Thornton, general manager of the Westlake Ace Hardware store on East Central, Wichita.

The east Wichita hardware store is already seeing customers getting ready for winter.

“‘We probably sold 15 to 20 snow shovels today,’ Thornton said Monday afternoon. “We welcome the early ones, then we welcome the latecomers on Wednesday when it starts snowing and they really believe it,” Thornton said.

Customers stock up on supplies, including ice melt, as well as shovels.

“We also have for contractors, we have propane heaters that they need for job sites,” Thornton said. “We have heaters for the house.”

When it comes to road prep, KDOT is focused on making sure their equipment is ready to go when the flakes start to fall.

“We will have major roads and traffic lanes cleared as much as possible and it won’t be immediate, so people who don’t need to travel during the storm should stay indoors,” the public affairs director said. by KDOT Wichita Metro, Tom. says Hein. “…We won’t be pre-treating in many areas downstate just because they predict rain will come first, then snow.”

The rain would wash away this brine. KDOT also advised drivers to expect their efforts to take longer.

“A bit of a staff shortage, but also, it’s just difficult in a storm like (this one) where it’s prevalent to share people in areas where they might be understaffed,” Hein said.

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