JR Friday Night Weather Report | Provide

We have designated Saturday and Sunday as “alert days”. Periods of snow, increased wind speed and lower temperatures will combine, resulting in unsafe travel conditions for the holiday weekend. The storm system will move through our area until Saturday afternoon and persist until Sunday morning. The heaviest snowfall will occur on Saturday evening, with the heaviest amounts in some areas through Sunday morning reaching over 6 inches. With strong prevailing winds, snow will accumulate and drift in places.

Temperatures early Saturday morning will be at the hottest levels we will have for the day. As a fairly strong storm moves towards us from the southwest, our winds will increase to around 15 mph and turn from the north. This will result in steadily dropping to slow temperatures for the day. By Saturday night, temperatures will hover between the upper 20s and about 30 hours when snow begins to accumulate. The condition of the roads will deteriorate until Saturday evening.

Once here the snow will stick with us until Saturday night and linger in some spots for Sunday morning. Even though the snow subsides on Sunday morning, blowing snow will continue to be a problem for travelers throughout the afternoon. Temperatures will stay in the 20’s on Sunday as a north-northwest wind at 10-15 mph holds for the day. We may get some sun on Sunday before the day is over, but that won’t help much. Wind chill temperatures can drop in single digits every now and then. On ABC12 News, we’ll also be following another snow cannon for next week. – JR

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