Insufficient seasonal snowfall compared to previous years


We are approaching the end of January and in many areas snowfall this season has been seriously lacking from normal.

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Colorado Springs Seasonal Snowfall Recap – 2020/2021 Season

This time last year in Colorado Springs we had already seen over 2 feet of snow.

In contrast, this season we have only collected 13.5 “of snow. With La Nina sticking around, it is very likely to end in a below average season.

Seasonal snowfall in Colorado Springs

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Total Past Seasonal Snowfall – Colorado Springs

Looking at the snowfall totals for the past decade, we can see that last year was the highest, with a whopping 56.1 “at the Colorado Springs airport.

The lowest season dates back to 2017-18, when only 21.6 “of snow fell.

The average per season in Colorado Springs is 33.0 “.

Seasonal snowfall in Pueblo

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Total Past Seasonal Snowfall – Pueblo

Although Pueblo has had a slightly better start to the season than Colorado Springs, past seasons indicate on average drier years than snowy years.

Our driest came during the 2017-18 season, and our snowiest during the 2015-16 season.

Colorado Drought Update

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Colorado Drought Monitor Update

The latest US Drought Monitor shows the current drought conditions for southern Colorado.

In Pueblo County, drought is at its worst along and north of the Arkansas River, with areas of extreme drought in the north of the county.

Colorado Springs is currently in the extreme drought category, with Monument and Castle Rock experiencing exceptional drought conditions.

Such high drought levels usually have negative consequences as summer approaches, with the potential for larger and more destructive forest fires.

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