How much snow will we have? – NBC Boston

We have arrived in the meteorological spring! March 1 is the date meteorologists and climatologists use to start spring data.

Astronomical spring, or the vernal equinox, based on the Earth’s orbit around the sun, begins on March 20. A few more milestones this month: We move the clocks forward one hour on March 13, and Boston gains 1 hour and 26 minutes of daylight!

Tuesday morning felt like winter again, as lows dipped below zero in the north and into the mid-single digits and teens in the south. Our temperatures are warming up just a little as a gusty southerly wind carries milder air. Highs will reach 30s in the north and lows 40s in the south.

Clouds will be thick all afternoon as a clipper system passes to our north. This brings scattered snow showers across the north of the country all day and night. Light accumulation is likely, with 3-inch snow layers across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Southern New England will see an inland light winter mix so a few rain showers or splashes will move in late Tuesday and Tuesday evening. Lows remain just above the freezing south and around 32 north, so watch for icy spots.

Wednesday brings us a brief break in the systems, as we see sunshine and highs in the mid 40s to the south. Another mower is bringing light snow overnight and we can see scattered coatings in the greater Boston area and interior Massachusetts, up to 1-2 inches in northern New England through Thursday morning .

After that Thursday and Friday we will have sunshine and cooler temperatures in the upper 30s Thursday to low 30s Friday.

This weekend we are observing a system rising northeastward across northwestern New England. That means we start with a light wintry mix Saturday night and then transition to patchy rain even in northern New England by Sunday.

Milder temperatures are expected to persist into early next week.

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