How much snow will we have? – NBC Boston

More wintry weather is brewing for tomorrow as a storm passes and brings snow.

Tonight we see the clouds rising late as lows drop to the 20s as the wind decreases from evening to night and approaches calm. Our next storm system is an area of ​​low pressure track far offshore to our south. This system will bring wintry mixed weather and snow showers to southern New England all day Wednesday.

Expect heavy wet snow

Temperatures will be in the upper 30s so this is a messy storm in that the snow will be very wet and heavy in texture. Lots of mixing will also occur near the south coast on Wednesday afternoon. The stronger sun angle, similar to October, will also work against snow buildup on the roads. Grassy areas will see a soft snowfall and minor accumulation throughout the day.

The evening drive may see heavier snow which may affect driving conditions. Expect the worst in the Boston area between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

As the sun sets, roads may be lightly covered in remnants of snow as bridges and overpasses fall below freezing. The system dwindles Wednesday evening around midnight. We see about 1-3 inches spread out, from north to south. About 1″ in southern New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, about 2″ in Massachusetts including Boston, and about 3″ of winter mix and snow along the south coast.

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From Thursday to Friday, the high pressure takes over and we end the work week on a quiet note. Highs back to 40s and close to 50s for both days. As we look to the weekend there is a larger storm system which can bring heavy snow. For now, the trail is further north, so northern and western New England could see several inches of snow. While the southeastern regions would see little snow, mostly rain, then turn to snow on the backside. Stay tuned as we update the forecast. For now, we have a first alert for snow and strong winds on Saturday. Sunday is windy with highs in the 40s.

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