Here’s what to expect – and when – for this weekend’s storm


DENVER – Ready or not, the snow is on its way.

And the various forecasts, models and projections all agree that we are likely to see a constant multi-day storm.

Snow began to fall over the Front Range of Colorado, including Denver, and southern Wyoming around noon on Saturday. The storm is expected to dump snow over the weekend before clearing the area on Monday morning.

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But if you know the Colorado weather, you know nothing is certain. We could see changes in the timing of the storm and how much snow falls where, especially if the storm is pushing further north.

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So let’s take a general look at what you can expect – and when – as we head into the weekend, according to our Denver7 forecast and the National Weather Service in Boulder.


Previous forecast suggested we might wake up to heavy snowfall on Saturday morning, but that snow was delayed and started around 11am on Saturday.

Heavy snow fell for a few hours late Saturday morning and early afternoon before becoming lighter later in the afternoon. Ground temperatures caused an early melt, but ground temperatures are expected to cool as the snow continues to fall, especially as the snow rises after dark.

Saturday afternoon storm update

On Saturday night, the storm will see its strongest updraft and snow ratios are expected to increase, meaning heavier snow will likely fall. Learn more about the impact of the updraft on this weekend’s storm.

The NWS said on Saturday morning it was keeping its total snow forecast unchanged from Friday of 12 to 24 inches in the metropolitan area, with higher totals in the foothills and mountains, with totals lower than the is from Denver.

“The impacts will remain the same with very difficult to almost impossible travel conditions today and tonight in the winter storm warning areas,” says the NWS.

The National Weather Service said the heaviest snowfall is expected between 11 p.m. Saturday night and 11 a.m. Sunday. The storm will likely start to subside on Sunday evening.

Mike Nelson from Denver7 explained what’s up with the storm, starting at 6 p.m., and what we can expect the rest of the weekend:

As heavy snowfall continued to fall over northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, there was a lull in the Denver area after 7 p.m.


The NWS said on Saturday morning that the low is likely to move across southeast Colorado on Sunday morning, causing upflow to the northeastern part of the state and persistent snow.

The highest accumulations on Sunday will be along the foothills of the Front Range and nearby plains, but uncertainty about how much snow will fall increases as one moves further east.

“Overall, the current forecast is in good shape and does not anticipate making many changes on Sunday with some uncertainty still on the plains,” the NWS wrote on Saturday morning. “… At this point in the game, stay stable and try not to interfere with the current predictions.”

Snow will likely start to diminish from Sunday evening through Monday morning.

7-day forecast: what are the days after the snowstorm like?

On Monday

Snow is expected to decrease through Monday, with temperatures hovering around 40 degrees and the possibility of a little sunshine before another possibility of snow on Tuesday.

Track real-time storm and snowfall totals by watching the Denver7 weather feed 24/7:

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