Flacco on the move, again


I have been somewhat amused by the trade of (1-5) Jets for 36 years Joe flacco. What’s the point?

It’s not like Joe is going to bring the Jets back from the dead. It’s not like the Super Bowl 47 MVP is the most willing mentor to a young quarterback. He’s not really interested in that sort of thing. He was never a quarterback that one would describe as “cerebral”. He even officially dismissed the intricacies of the game as overrated – that it’s not rocket science. And that has always been part of the catch for me when it comes to Flacco.

As an NFL quarterback, undermining the value of mental preparation comes down to disrespecting the game, the opponent and most importantly your teammates and coaching staff. Futures are dependent on the quality of play of a quarterback. It just comes with the territory and the pressure of playing the most important position in the game.

The first time I saw Flacco during 2008 Ravens training camp, I was in awe of his arm. He had and still has an unusual arm talent. In addition, I have always believed that his athleticism never had its true value. For a man of his size, he once ran very well. With the right training, cinematic study, and attention to the detailed nuances of the job, I figured Flacco could be a star in the NFL.

But that never seemed to be Joe’s ambition. Of course, he could think of himself as “the elite”, but he never was. He was a good quarterback who came off with raw skills and he fought beautifully in the 2012 playoffs. Plus, his reputation in Baltimore was inflated by fans who valued stability in the game. position that has been lacking since the team was created in 1996.

And then there is Tom brady.

I understand that Brady is THE benchmark, the standard by which not only quarterbacks, but all players are measured. Brady never had Flacco’s physical tools, but what he does have is an insatiable desire to win, compete and work for success. Imagine Joe with a fraction of Brady’s ambition. Imagine if the former Ravens offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh succeeded and Brady was drafted by Ozzie New. But that’s another story for another day.

Today, Flacco only receives a salary.

On Monday, the Eagles agreed to trade Joe for the Jets. Flacco only reported to the Jets on Friday for logistical reasons. Joe lives about 90 minutes from the Jets headquarters in Florham Park, NJ. I have to throw a flag over that one. Sorry Joe. When Joe introduced himself, he donned number 19.


Here’s a successful Round 2 with Gang Green, Joe.

Joe flacco
Photo credit: NY Post

Deadline for exchanges

NFL transactions in 2021 must be completed by Tuesday, November 2 at 4 p.m. EST. It’s possible that the Ravens could trade even with limited space, simply by dropping a winning player around the vet minimum in exchange for another with the same level of pay.

Around the league, big names are pitched and one of the “pitchers” making the pitch is 105.7 Fans Jason LaCanfora.

It’s always fun to watch LaCanfora’s responses to posts on Twitter because he gets it wrong on a regular basis. Give it credit for always throwing in a bold, click-only title to later qualify the big statement with a fine print “clause” that provides a loophole, such as “However, no deal is considered yet. as imminent. “

Here is his latest, endearing Deshaun Watson to the Carolina Panthers.

A purple party

The Ravens are returning from their leave next week and they will prepare for the Minnesota Vikings (3-3) who host the Dallas Cowboys (5-1) during Sunday Night Football. The Vikings are ranked 3 favorite points over Jerry Jones & Co.

The last time Minnesota visited Baltimore on December 8, 2013, the game was a three-quarter rehearsal festival. Perhaps the players were temporarily put to sleep by the enveloping snow. At least it seemed that way for quite a while, although fans have apparently been busy targeting snowballs at Vikings players.

The final period started with the Ravens maintaining a 7-6 lead. And then the fireworks erupted. The two teams combined for 42 points in the fourth quarter which featured six leadership changes, the last of which came with just 4 seconds left in regulation when Joe Flacco connected with Marlon Brown who stamped his foot in the back of the end zone for the winning score at 0:04.

An absolutely incredible fourth quarter.

Here are the video highlights from this fourth quarter. If the NFL, in typical Gestapo fashion, bans watching here on RSR, follow the link to YouTube. It’s a fun video and worth your time.

For the record, the extended forecast for next Sunday calls for sunny skies, temperatures in the mid-1950s and wind gusts of up to 27 mph. No one asked me, but out of respect for that instant classic game from 8 years ago, the Ravens should wear the same uniforms – purple jerseys with black pants.

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