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Hello fishing friends. A few weeks ago I drove across the hill to fish the Consumnes River south of Jackson, CA. It was a culture shock to see rolling green hills and people mowing their lawns, with temperatures in the mid-70s at 11am.

Then I came home with bitter cold temperatures, and now with snow again on the ground in the valley. It’s a welcome sight to see that we’re finally getting some of our much-needed precipitation, here and up there, where we really need it.

This is what we need to fill our reservoirs for a vigorous spring and summer season. This week I have a small fishing report due to our recent storms.

SILVER LAKE: The lake had a few feet of ice on it. Many anglers were fishing right in front of the boat launch. Our recent storm brought about a foot of snow on top of that. Use cations on Silver Lake. Once you get over Carson Pass, the weather has a different climate and can wash the ice off the lake very quickly.

CAPLES LAKE: The lake had 2-3 feet of ice last week, now with about a foot more of fresh snow. Temperatures were in the single digits overnight, hitting the mid-30s during the day. Fishing was rated as fair last week with one angler near the weir. No report forms the dam area. The report is closed until mid-May.

RED LAKE: Last report was 2 feet of ice on the lake, with about a foot of fresh snow above the lake. Fishing was rated as slow to medium for anglers. Small golden kastmasters or scented nocturnal robots have been the most productive.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake level is down a bit which makes it easier to drive to the side of the dam to back up the fish. The lake is weed free but has lots of silt at the bottom. A few anglers have had great success over the past week using powerbait. Renee and I fished over the weekend and grabbed a bite before the wind blew us away from the lake. The campsite is closed for the 2022 season. But I am happy to report that the eagles are doing well. We watched an adult and three youngsters cruise around the lake. The paved road is still snow covered and can be dangerous, so drive slowly. The dirt road was opened last week. But I now feel that there are a few centimeters of snow on it.

TOPAZ LAKE: The lake level has risen a foot over the past week. NDOW planted 1300 pounds of tiger trout last week. The fishing was fair for boaters using Rapalas or flashers. Angling ashore has been hit or miss. The county ramp is open with ongoing construction. Topaz Landing Marina is open for boat launching and mooring. For more information, call 775-266-3550.

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR: The fishery is closed and will open on April 30. I spoke with Chase at Bridgeport Marina to get an idea of ​​what opening day might look like and if the resort will be open for launch. His words: “I don’t know how many grass clippings the farmers will try to water this season. But there should be enough snow to float the docks for at least half the season. We hope.” The water level is calculated based on the amount of water allocated to farmers downstream and the amount they need to irrigate their fields. I may be wrong on my exact wording, but this is how the waterbender decides how much is released each year and how much can be stored. For more information, call 760-932-7001.

CARSON RIVERS EAST AND WEST FORK CALIFORNIA SIDE: The rivers are open for catch and release with artificial lures or flies with barbless hooks. No fishing reports this week. If you’re fishing the rivers, exercise caution around the rocks with our recent snowfall. For more information, stop by the Carson River Resort.

Please exercise caution on all frozen bodies of water. Many of our urban ponds and rivers have frozen over in the valley, but it is extremely dangerous to venture there. I don’t want to have to report any more tragedies caused by people falling through the ice.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure and don’t forget to put your clocks forward two weeks. I

f you get a picture of your catch. Send it to [email protected] Hope to see you soon on the waters.

Good fishing and taut lines.

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