February 2022 Water Supply Outlook Report Released

BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) – The Idaho Natural Resources Conservation Service has released the February Water Supply Outlook Report for the 2022 hydrological year.

After the first week of January, significant storms were few and far between. While less-than-desirable January precipitation has dampened some of the previous optimism for an anti-drought snowpack and subsequent effective runoff season, the snowpack is still near or above normal across nearly all of the generating mountains. of Idaho stream.

“While temperature inversions and cloud cover dominated in January for most of Idaho’s lower elevation valleys, the mountains largely received the opposite: slightly warmer than normal temperatures and many days of bluebird,'” said Daniel Tappa, hydrologist-data collection officer for NRCS Snow Survey. in Idaho. “Warmer temperatures combined with light snowfall throughout January resulted in an unusually dense snowpack for this time of year. This is important because snowpack density is closely related to the potential for the onset of snowmelt; the higher the density, the closer the snowpack is to reaching an isothermal state, which occurs before widespread snowmelt can occur. The good news is that the angle of the sun is still relatively low in the sky, which means that the energy input to the snowpack is relatively low.Additional snowfall will also help prevent earlier than normal snowmelt.

The February 1 flow forecast favors above normal spring and summer runoff for the vast majority of Idaho. This is likely due to the healthy water year total precipitation and the current snow pack which remains above normal in most areas. However, if the current dry spell continues into February, we can expect a significant decrease in flow forecasts by March 1. Flow, snow, and precipitation data for each basin can be accessed on the NRCS Idaho Snow Survey webpage.

For more information on specific basins, streams and reservoirs, you can view the full report below.

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