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Regional overview

Temperatures finally rise today and Thursday, but there’s still a good chance of rain and snow on Friday and over the weekend. Saturday could be more choppy with some breezes, cooler temperatures and some precipitation. Late April is a time of year when conditions are not ideal for skiing or fishing. Adapting and selecting the outdoor activity becomes a daily decision thanks to the capricious weather. On the bright side, phlox is blooming across the grasslands of southeastern Wyoming and pasque flowers are appearing on Pole Mountain. These two plants are true precursors to the change of seasons.

Fishing conditions

Fishing reports are poor thanks to the cold and strong winds last weekend. Runoff is just beginning, but is slow to start due to colder temperatures. This means casting a line in open rivers is a good option before the waters rise. The ice is out of the lakes and ponds, not to mention the higher elevations where the ice still remains for some time. This means that these lower elevation lakes are also good choices. The Laramie and North Platte rivers both have decent angling, although cold water temperatures make catching slow.

Classification Categories

H (A fish) – to ensure the fish dinner, go to the local grocery store

HHHHH (Five Fish) – cast a line and catch a fish; fish are not picky

Granite, Crystal and North Crow Reservoirs

The buzz: Fishing is fair to good in the Granite and Crystal reservoirs. A fisherman suggests moving around the lakes to find the fish. Once he was able to find them, the fishing was good. Most fish are between 10 and 12 inches, but can be larger in the granite tank. North Crow is slower but the fish are bigger with quite a few rainbow trout reported between 16 and 24 inches. The biking and hiking trails are clear, with the best conditions on the east side, especially the Middle Kingdom and Canyons trails. Trails on the west side need a bit more weather and warm weather to clear.

Suggested baits, lures and flies:

Various spinning tops (gold, silver colors)

Woolly bugger (with flash crystal tail)

Mountain Pole

The buzz: Snow comes and goes across Pole Mountain. There is still a good bit of slogging on the hiking trails. Mountain biking these trails is a long way off, but pedaling along some of the gravel roads that are currently closed to motorized travel is a good option when temperatures warm up. The beaver ponds should open with lively brook trout for anglers who want to hike there. Roads will open gradually depending on conditions.

Suggested baits, lures and flies:

Laramie Plains Lakes

The buzz: Fishing remains slow across Laramie Basin. Warmer weather is needed to resume action. Anglers should be patient at Lake Hattie, but the lake is known to drop some real lunkers this time of year. For those wishing to take a longer drive, Diamond Lake fishes well.

Suggested baits, lures and flies:

Laramie River

The buzz: Fishing is slow but anglers are in luck from Woods Landing to Laramie. A fisherman reported catching a very nice brown trout near Laramie.

Suggested baits, lures and flies:

North Platte River and Encampment River – Saratoga Valley

The buzz: The runoff is picking up, but hasn’t gained any real momentum yet. The river flows at 733 cubic feet per second at North Gate near the Colorado-Wyoming border. This higher flow means that the water could be cloudy, while the water stays quite cold. This means the fish are at depth and less inclined to move around as much. The Encampment River is 217 cfs at the mouth near the town of Encampment.

Suggested baits, lures and flies:

North Platte River – Gray Reef

The buzz: The fishing is good when the wind is at bay, but the water could be discolored with last weekend’s snowfall. With a flow rate of around 510 cubic feet per second, there is decent fishing from both a drift boat and the shore.

Suggested baits, lures and flies:

North Platte River – Miracle Mile

The buzz: The Mile is fair to good fishing. Anglers report that they don’t catch a lot of fish, but they make up for it with big fish. The flow rate is 1,508 cubic feet per second.

Suggested baits, lures and flies:

Wheatland Reservoir No. 3

The buzz: The fishing action gradually resumes with the ice off this large reservoir. Although the action is slow, the size of the fish in this tank is worth it. There is the added pleasure that the tank has many different species of fish, which makes catching more interesting.

Suggested baits, lures and flies:

Black or olive woolly bugger


The buzz: Walleye action is good, especially at this time of year when the water stays fairly cool. Anglers also report fair to good catfish action. For those looking for some running or mountain biking, this state park’s 40+ miles of trails are in excellent condition and, due to the low elevation, allow earlier access than many others. trail networks.

Suggested baits, lures and flies:

Nightcrawlers on Worm Harnesses (Gold and Silver Blades)

Rapala spoons (perch, minnow and rainbow pattern)

Grayrocks Reservoir

The buzz: Fishing is slow for both bass and walleye, but anglers report catching a few from boats and off the shore. This should improve as the water warms.

Suggest baits, lures and flies:

Nightcrawlers with Worm Harnesses (Golden Blades)

Rapala spoons (perch and minnow pattern)

Snow report

For those still keen to take advantage of the waning snow season, there are still a few options for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Winter Park/Mary Jane saw 13 inches of fresh snow last week but should have mostly blue skies until the weekend when they end the season with an inch or two of fresh snow. The season continues on the Mary Jane side with their closing day yet to be determined, depending on snow conditions.

Maintenance of Nordic ski trails at the Happy Jack Recreation Area finished last week. Snow comes and goes with skiing certainly possible in the short term when the snow falls, but expect typical spring conditions and expanding bare areas.

Snow fell last weekend in Medicine Bow Mountains, but high winds made conditions less than delightful. According to the Open Snow website, the Snowy Range is 92% of average for this time of year, down 2% from last week.

To keystone, near Rob Roy Reservoir on Tuesday there was a total of 222 inches of snow so far this season according to Don Day Jr. at www.dayweather.com. That’s up 14 inches from last week, but still trails the 257 inches reported at this time last year.

A few showers are expected on Friday “up there” in the snowy range. These could bring up to 12 inches of snow at higher elevations by the end of the weekend. Additional snow will be around 6 inches at lower elevations, changing to possible rain on Sunday as temperatures warm.

Reports on the conditions of the various trails outside Highway 130 are limited. Expect great crust skiing up high. The best conditions for this type of skiing are when the day before warms up, but temperatures drop below freezing overnight. Such circumstances provide excellent skiing opportunities from green rock in the Libby Apartments area early in the day.

The low altitude trails at Barber Lake and Mountain Corner might be marginal for skiing, but not bad for snowshoeing.

Similar conditions are likely on the chimney park trails, located nine miles west of Woods Landing off Highway 230. With warmer temperatures forecast, get out early before conditions get sticky and slushy.

Staff at the Colorado Avalanche Information Center report that the avalanche danger for the mountains of southern Wyoming and northern Colorado is rated moderate at all elevations. Pay attention to areas where new snow is eight inches or more. Avalanches can easily be triggered in such areas on steep terrain. As the day warms up and conditions become milder, the chances of triggering a wet snow avalanche increase.

On Tuesday morning, the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service’s snow measuring station reported 60 inches at Brooklyn Lake, a decrease of 3 inches from last week. The report indicated 47 inches of snow at cinnabar park, a decrease of 1 inch from last week. The report to sand lake at the north end of the Medicine Bow Mountains is 80 inches, a decrease of 2 inches from last week. The measuring station of Medicine Bow Peak, at an elevation of 10,500 feet, reports 96 inches, an increase of 2 inches from last week. To North French Stream, on the west side of the Medicine Bow Mountains, the reported snow depth is 70 inches, down 2 inches from last week. the Crow Creek station on Pole Mountain shows 1 inch of snow, a decrease of 8 inches from last week.

Speed ​​Dials

All ski areas in Wyoming are closed for the season.

Some downhill areas in Colorado are still open:

Arapahoe Basin: 72 inch base; 9 lifts, 117 runs and 81% open terrain.

Brekenridge: 72 inch base; 7 ski lifts, 51 runs and 48% open terrain.

Land of love: 60 inch base; 7 ski lifts, 85 runs and 90% open terrain.

Vail: 62 inch base; 8 ski lifts, 73 runs and 27% open terrain.

Winter park: 78 inch base; 4 ski lifts, 58 runs and 35% open terrain.

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