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The record could be broken this week if it snows 5 inches.

It’s a question of when, not if, the 2017-18 winter becomes the snowiest on record for the Erie region.

With snow forecast for the week ahead, this winter could surpass the 2000-2001 record of 149.1 inches of snowfall.

On Saturday morning, the seasonal snowfall total at Erie International Airport was 144.2 inches, 4.9 inches to match the record. Currently ranked third for the snowiest season of all time, this winter is 76.8 inches above the norm, according to figures from the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service forecast calls for small amounts of snow on Sunday and Monday – less than half an inch of accumulation – but snow showers are possible for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Erie is, by far, the snowiest city this winter in the United States, according to the website, which tracks snowfall for the 25 snowiest cities in the country. Erie continues to lead Syracuse, New York, who is 87.7 inches on the season.

Of course, most of Erie’s snow came in a record-breaking lake-effect snowstorm that dropped seven feet of snow on Erie in a week, starting today. of Christmas.

So far, in 2018 alone, snowfall at the airport is 8.4 inches lower than normal. It has snowed 22.8 inches since January 1. The average is 31.2 inches. This can be attributed in part to the fact that the majority of Lake Erie is covered in ice, which meteorologists say results in fewer lakefront flurries. Currently, 74 percent of Lake Erie is frozen over, according to NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab.

Here are the 10 snowiest winters on record for Erie:

1.2000-2001 – 149.1 inch

2. 2008-2009 – 145.8 inch

3.2017-2018 – 144.2 inch

4.2002-2003 – 143.0 inch

5. 1977-1978 – 142.8 inch

6.13-2014 – 139.4 inch

7. 1993-1994 – 131.3 inch

8. 1985-1986 – 124.9 inches

9. 2004-2005 – 122.6 inch

10. 1970-1971 – 120.0 inches

SOURCE: National Meteorological Service

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