Destructive wind and spring snow for the Rockies

Widespread beneficial rain and snow continue in PNW through Tuesday afternoon. However, this wet weather is accompanied by damaging winds with places in the intermountain west already reporting gusts of over 100 mph in the highest locations (ABOVE). Wind alerts are in place for most of the Northwestern United States. Where we see overlapping snow with wind alerts, be prepared for blizzard conditions.

We expect widespread devastating gusts of wind across the high peaks and plains today before things ease on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a winter storm warning and a winter weather advisory have been issued for the Washington and Oregon Cascades. For the rest of the day today, we could have snowstorm totals of up to 30″ in the highest peaks of the mountains. Winds will be blowing over 50 mph, which means any snow that falls will blow.

As this storm system moves inland, widespread winter weather warnings are also in place for the Rockies. Snowfall totals won’t be as impressive, but any spring snowfall certainly helps with lingering drought issues.

Snowfall ends for everyone on Tuesday afternoon and evening for many with just a few lingering showers with a heavy flow from the northwest.

Stay with WeatherNation for the latest winter alerts, wind conditions and snow reports. You can also catch the Western Regional Forecast at:50 hourly.

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