DENVER SNOW FORECAST: Snow Forecast: How Much Could Denver Get?

DENVER (KDVR) – A spring snowstorm is on its way to Colorado. The Pinpoint Weather Team has issued a Pinpoint Weather Alert day for all day Friday and Saturday morning.

Highs will be near 90 degrees Thursday before the cold front arrives early Friday morning. Temperatures will drop into the 40s.

Snow/rain will start first in northern Colorado and the central and northern mountains. Then around 12 p.m. the snow/rain will arrive in Denver.

Rain/snow is likely in Denver during the evening rush hour, and it will change to snow Friday evening before clearing Saturday morning.

We are planning two freezes: Friday evening to Saturday morning and Saturday evening to Sunday morning.

How much snow will accumulate?

Meteorologist Chris Tomer says total snow accumulations will vary, but the largest totals will come from above 6,000 feet. This includes the foothills, some western suburbs, the mountains, and Palmer Divide. This is where 1-2 feet of buildup is possible.

Accumulation of forecasts:

  • Denver 1-4 inches
  • Buttresses 1-2 feet
  • Split Palmer: 6-12 inches
  • Eastern Plains 1-3 inches
  • Northern Colorado 1-4 inches
  • High mountains 1-2 feet on the divide with less to the west

Expect an 80% melt rate for Denver and many places along the I-25 corridorwhich means that only 20% of the snow that falls will stick and accumulate.

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