David Epstein Boston MA Snow Forecast: Friday, February 25, 2022


“The biggest disruption is going to come for the morning commute on Friday when the snow is falling pretty hard and travel is slow.”

David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe

As expected, the snow arrived in the wee hours of Friday morning, and before dawn there were already a few centimeters on the ground in some places.

Precipitation was pouring northward early Friday morning. Warmer colors here represent more precipitation. – COD TIME

The snow will continue at a moderate to heavy rate throughout the morning, while at the same time the mixed precipitation line will continue to attempt to move north. It is impossible to predict exactly how much sleet we will see mixed between individual cities. But the communities of about the mass. Pike to the south should have the most mix. Those of Mass. Pike to the north should have mostly snow. Sleet obviously compacts the snow and makes it heavier to move.

Sleet (shown here in orange) will mix with snow late morning in southern New England on Friday. – WEATHER BELL

By noon most of the snow will have fallen, for the most part. The last hours of snowfall this morning could be mixed with ice pellets which will reduce total accumulations. This afternoon, precipitation will be lighter with generally an inch or two possible – especially north of Mass. Pike – until early evening. The map below shows the total forecast snowfall. If the sleet doesn’t mix much in the projected areas to get 5-9 inches, then the snow totals will be on the higher side of that range.

North of Boston, where there is no mix, up to a foot of snow could fall, but most areas won’t reach that amount. –David Epstein

Treated pavement is expected to become wet this afternoon with the higher sun angle and lower precipitation. After 4 p.m., as the sun goes down, a coating or even an extra inch or two could fall until about 9 p.m. in some places. Tonight’s snowfall will be much lighter and fluffier.

Temperatures will drop into the teens overnight. If you find yourself somewhere that gets quite a bit of sleet, or even a bit of rain, you’re really going to want to make sure things are cleared as quickly as possible later in the day, as the cold air will freeze any snow. solid fondue. .

There won’t be much wind or coastal flooding with this system. The biggest travel disruptions will occur during the first part of the day, especially during the morning commute.

The weekend will be cold and dry with highs around zero on Saturday and well into the 30s for Sunday.

A cold winter’s day is forecast for Saturday, with highs in the 30s. –NOAA

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