Councils make final winter preparations for snow


THE FORECAST has predicted cold weather to hit Gwent in the not too distant future, with possible snow in the coming weeks.

With the change of weather on the way, the Argus asked local authorities in Gwent how preparations for the winter were taking shape.

Monmouthshire County Council said he had trained additional drivers for their gritters in the event of a potential Covid-related absence, or loss of drivers to other industries.


A spokesperson for Monmouthshire County Council said: ‘The council has undertaken detailed planning for winter services during the summer and fall months.

“Although we have seen delays in deliveries of road salt, we will soon have full stocks of salt and our racks are in place and ready for use.

“We have a built-in resilience in our team that drives the chippers during the winter season. To address the impact of Covid-19 and the potential loss of drivers to other industries, we have engaged and trained colleagues from local businesses as an additional layer of resilience. ”

In Torfaen, the council said its teams are making final preparations ahead of the winter season, which they say is due to start on November 1.

A council spokesperson said they had a fleet of eight heavy goods vehicles and two small chippings, and were fully stocked with 5,600 tonnes of salt – “enough to last a normal winter and a half” .

There is no shortage of drivers in Torfaen, the city council spokesperson said, with three teams of seven drivers ready to start their winter heats.

In Blaenau Gwent, a spokesperson confirmed that the council’s fleet of sandblasters are operational and ready for use, the council has sand ready for use, and there is no shortage of drivers.

Caerphilly County Council has said its fleet of sandblasters is winter-ready.

A council spokesperson said the council had more than 9,000 tonnes of gravel in stock and the sandboxes were also being filled.

The board has no problem with the availability of drivers.

Newport’s board has also been contacted for information.

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