Cherry blossoms fall victim to spring snow in northeast Ohio


NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WOIO) – Clean-up begins for some northeastern Ohio residents after Wednesday’s snow wreaked havoc on trees and beautiful spring flowers.

Jill Robertson takes it in stride.

“I’m just going with the flow,” Robertson told 19 News, as she cleared snow from her car in North Olmsted.

Spring snowfall is reminiscent of one of the happiest times for the Robertson family.

“My son’s birthday is Friday. And twenty-eight years ago I brought it home in a snowstorm, ”said Robertson.

Her son Ian joked that despite the sunny days we seem to have at the start of April, Mother Nature still gives her an unwanted winter gift for her birthday.

“We think we got out of there and then it’s snowing on my birthday,” he laughed.

It might not have been a huge snowstorm, but it was just enough to provide a picturesque scene the Robertsons don’t normally see.

“They are so pretty to look at,” Jill said, marveling at the snow-capped cherry blossoms.

Unfortunately, not all of the greenery has been so lucky. Crews were busy cleaning up debris on Wednesday after the snow knocked down a number of branches and branches. In some cases, entire trees have fallen, including one that now sits on a garage around the corner of the Robertsons’ house.

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