Checking the #snowpack and anticipating a poor snow forecast: While it feels like we’ve had a lot of snow lately, the reality is we need more to keep near normal – The #Denver Post

Filled map of the Colorado Snowpack Basin on February 8, 2022 via NRCS.

From The Denver Post (Andy Stein):

The recent snow cycle we endured brought Denver back to a reasonable level in terms of seasonal snow accumulation, which is good news considering the start of the season. The thing is, the recent storm cycle has largely missed much of the high country, leaving them with lackluster snow totals for the past two weeks. The month of January started in the mountains with above-average snow cover, and fortunately because of the lack of snow, the snow cover is much lower than it was a month ago…

In early January, snow finally began to blanket the eastern plains as at this point the mountains were being pummeled by several large snowstorms. Many places in the mountains gained 3-8 feet of snow during the storm cycle over the holidays…

Between early January and early February, Denver (downtown) picked up quite a bit of snow, leaving the region near the date average for seasonal snowfall. More on that below.

Overall, this season has been marked by ups and downs. There were periods of heavy snow across the region, but there were also spells of dry, hot weather. By condensing all of this together, we can get an idea of ​​where we stand relative to the average…

Snowpack in Colorado is generally good, but those numbers are down from a month ago, when statewide snowpack was approaching 130% of normal. Although we lost a lot of snow with the mild and dry weather in the mountains, the big storms we experienced during the holidays gave us a good cushion. However, that cushion has been almost completely eradicated, so it’s time for us to put some snow back up there.

The active weather we had along the Front Range may have made the mountains look like they were getting so much snow, but that was not the case. Most places in the mountains have seen virtually no snow for the past few weeks.

Filled map of the Westwide SNOTEL Basin on February 8, 2022 via NRCS.

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